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  1. A few issues... 1) Anyone else having problems with CAP escort not spawning unless you disable "Late Activation" in mission editor? (EDIT: Never mind - I see now these should be spawned in via the F10 menu) 2) Also problem with AI aircraft spawning too close to the ground...ie 72ft !? (EDIT: Doesn't appear to be a factor when spawned in via F10 menu) 3) Is it not possible to spawn on the ramp or parking cold and dark? 4) And lastly, even when I edit the mission editor to have CAP escort spawn - they spawn with an empty loadout.
  2. Great mod Barthek! No discernable FPS loss in VR for me either. Thank you.
  3. I'm guessing I should should disable MSAA in DCS options in order to apply your SMAA?
  4. Thanks @Taz1004and @zildac. I hadn't downloaded Taz's version.
  5. Won't compile for me... 21:07:00:774 [18200] | INFO | Running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 21:07:00:781 [18200] | INFO | Recreated runtime environment on runtime 000001D58D8E5CB0. 21:07:04:301 [18200] | INFO | Running on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 21:07:04:302 [18200] | INFO | Recreated runtime environment on runtime 000001D5E5164620. 21:07:04:310 [19680] | ERROR | Failed to load "D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\reshade-shaders\Shaders\SMAA.fx": D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\reshade-shaders\Shaders\SMAA.fx(23, 1): preprocessor error: could not open included file 'D:\DCS World OpenBeta\b
  6. Thanks Taz - I agree that the 2.7 labels are much better!
  7. This looks promising. I downloaded the Reshade zip and it seems to work quite well. Howver, I uninstalled it by deleting the the reshade-shaders folder, reshade.ini and reshadepreset.ini. Should I also delete the dxgi.dll?? (Not sure if this file was added and overwrote an original dxgi.dll or whether it is proprietary to Reshade only)
  8. Is the labels.lua file now redundant in 2.7? I have always used 'Better Labels' but since the update, it no longer appears to work.
  9. Yeah. I'd like a fix for this if possible
  10. Oh FFS. Havent played DCS in a while (waiting for the F-16 to firm up) and just read Chuck's latest guide which suggests that boresighting is now needed otherwise there will be a misalignment between the missile and the TGP. I'd really hoped this would be an option rather than imposed
  11. Will be upgrading to a new PC shortly and seem to remember back in the day you would need do something with Starforce(?) drm before uninstalling? Is this still the case or can I just uninstall game and all modules on old PC and reinstall on new?
  12. Does that work with Rift S? (Steam page indictaes it works only with Vive, WMR and Valve) Does it work with non-steam version of DCS?
  13. Scenario 1) Single mission with maybe 6 or 8 other aircraft and a dozen vehicles, I get reasonable FPS in VR. Scenario 2) Running liberation with many aircraft and vehicles, my FPS tanks and I get black borders in VR. So is this a CPU or GPU issue? I would have though CPU given I get good FPS with a smaller amount of vehicles in Scenario 1 and the vehicles aren't even in view in Scenario 2 at takeoff when FPS is terrible. However, playing on monitor (no VR), my FPS are absolutely fine in both scenarios. If it was a CPU issue, shouldn't my FPS tank when playing Scen
  14. Getting an "Invalid Frequency 158Mhz" when starting turn 1 flying the F-16 on Caucasus map...won't let me start the mission with this error.
  15. It's been 5 months since a fix was promised in a patch (and nearly two years since bug was first reported!!) ...and still no fix. Please allow a simple checkbox for wingmen unlimited fuel until this is patched.
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