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  1. No worries, I got added during a rush for the product so I knew it would be a while.
  2. t Nice, I ordered on March 15th so I'll be getting a notification any day now hopefully.
  3. Sweet, thanks for the info guys.
  4. Which way does the Hind want to twist from main rotor torque? Huey wants to go right so you give left pedal, Mi-8 wants to go left so you give right pedal, but both have left-hand tail rotor in game. The hind is also on the left, so is that a huey left or a hip left?
  5. Im going to have to make a move on this quickly to see how viable it is before my collective is ready. Appreciate the heads up, I didnt even know this thing existed.
  6. Nah I went through a lot of misery to find what worked for me lol. Right now Im on no spring CHs that i just replaced the pot in, plus copious amounts of nyogel 767a, a DIY floor cyclic and with any luck in a couple of weeks I'll have one of K-51s collectives to replace the throttles. Im not changing again for a while. Dude, why would you even send that to me, do you know how much 3d printers are? And you're making me go buy one just so I can sit in a snazzy office chair with options? God damn you to hell for what youve done. My marriage is hanging by a thread here and this
  7. Yeah that would be a thing to find. Fair enough I stand corrected, its more realistic to have the pedals neutral most of the time then. Dunno how you could make that smooth though.
  8. Thats why removing the spring is a handy mod, you just set the pedals for long flights and take your feet off. Id say its a far easier and preferable route than having to trim center returning pedals.
  9. I didnt know that. I use my force trim independent of the pedals, only the cyclic trims.
  10. The pedals in a real helicopter spend most of their flight in the middle position?
  11. I'll go against the grain of the thread and say I wouldnt bother with choppers at all without pedals, the modules are too expensive to only play with 2/3rds of the input. Fixed wing i could see the argument that a twist throttle or paddles are not 100% necessary at the start, but not choppers. For rotary there is a relatively small amount of the flight where your pedals will be neutral, (assuming coordinated flight), low speed theyll be going one way, high speed theyll be going the other, with only the sweet cruise speed spot being (sometimes) completely neutral. This is also why pedals with
  12. Not a pilot so pinch of salt. Ive got thousands of hours in DCS Mi-8 and Ive got all the muscle memory for staying out of VRS downpat, and I thought Id throw something in that hasnt been mentioned specifically. VRS in the hip is the only part of the flight where you have to react to something before it happens, as opposed to getting a true warning or indication to respond before or as it happens, which I think is why it probably claims so many victims. When you start to learn the approach the first lesson the DCS Mi-8 teaches you is as you approach lower ETL limit you add twice as much collect
  13. Wrote on the forum to you about collective, let me know what I have to do to get one.



  14. Hi there, can I be added to the list as well? Destination is US and if yes let me know when you need me to pay. Thanks very much.
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