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  1. How often does ED change their system specifications? Any insight as to how much longer we can expect these current system requirements to remain?
  2. Yup I own one, first joystick I ever bought and it still works great! I used it earlier this year when I bought the Yak 52 module to zoom around in offline. 104th_Maverick (quote) "... I wouldn't change it for the World." (end quote) uses it as his daily flight stick. It still sells well online and in-store despite being over a decade old. I may have upgraded to a HOTAS Warthog but I'll never part with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. It's come in very handy for other Sims too.
  3. Yup, 12 hours later still logged in. Thanks!
  4. It says 'remember me' but sure I'll tick it. I think I ticked it last year when I signed onto forums initially but isn't that just so it remembers your password? I guess I'll know soon enough. Thanks BigNewy.
  5. I always get logged out after a short span of time and don't actually notice this until after I type out a post or a reply to a post. Is this normal? Lately, I have to "copy" whatever I've typed or else I lose it. I then just paste it after logging back in and it posts. Does this occur for everyone? Lol, I'll post this just as soon as I copy, log in (again) and paste.
  6. @dburne.. Nice! Thanks for answering. I should probably just go buy a Rift S and see how that is. I've demo'd a CV1, Vive (non Pro) and an ASUS WMR headset. Not impressed by the first two but the ASUS model was quite impressive (for non flying games).
  7. Just a couple quick questions here. Does it help performance if one were to switch off the monitor when using a VR headset? Will a 1080ti & 8700K @ 4.9GHz really be enough to push pixels on the Reverb? I haven't yet flown in VR but that will be changing later this year. Been following this thread with interest for awhile now. I'm leaning towards the Reverb but I'm also closely considering a Rift S.
  8. So, 5 weeks on, what did you end up buying?
  9. Yes, purely for brightness of the lights. Thanks for the replies, full brightness it shall remain.
  10. Is there a key command to show/hide the throttle levers just as we can the stick or pilot body? Searched the forums and key bind options tab in the F/A-18C Sim for a solution and couldn't find. Thanks.
  11. Nope, it does not work with DCS. Returned to Microsoft Store for a full refund. Avoid.
  12. I've tried the Rift, Vive, Odyssey +, and several of the partner vendors for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Actually there was a demo team at West Edmonton Mall for about a month, going across the country giving folks a hands on look at WMR devices. The Samsung Odyssey Plus (O+) is by far the heaviest one of all. Sweet spot is certainly smaller than the Vive and it's got an IPD range of 60-67mm. Most of the WMR headsets will have light bleed from sides or nose area, depending on size/shape of your face. The ASUS model is the lightest, weighing in at only 400 grams. Asus has an IPD of 60
  13. Here's the link to that Aussie YouTuber interviewing someone who has the O+. His channel is StingTV http://youtu.be/semSsk96VBI
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I've been working far from home in a remote northern region. Very weak internet or at times none at all. A few changes prior to leaving: PSU: Corsair 750W 80+ Platinum (not 850W) AIO: Corsair h150i Pro (not h110i) SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 250GB (Boot/Win10), 970 Evo 1TB (games) (Returned Samsung 970 Pro 512GB) I'm well aware some of this is probably overkill but the last time I upgraded a PC, it suited me for less than 4 months before DCS released 2.0. Stable Version 1.5.X(?) worked just fine but once 2.0 arrived that was it for me. Couldn't load past the ma
  15. Demon: Memory Express Tintifaxl: Thank you! BitMaster: I sure hope so! ElementLT: Yup! won't happen right away though, it's gonna be KD, toast and beans until Christmas now..
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