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  1. This one should be fixed in the next patch.
  2. This was a strange one, but it should be fixed in the next patch.
  3. Found the potential bug in this logic (was mostly a bad value in the deploy scheduler table), it appears to be working based on the limited testing time I had before our cutoff time for the next patch.
  4. Essentially this. Just because the cat was turning close to the charts in a small mach range does not mean it was perfect everywhere else. Once we had the F-14A, our SME (who only flew the A) determined there were other issues with airframe drag in general, especially in the transonic and supersonic regions. This is half expected because the primary wind tunnel data source only contains data at wind tunnel (read: very low) speeds. On top of that, we have been taking a closer look at stores drag in the tunnel since we believe there are issues with that, too. The amount of data in the performanc
  5. I am planning to look at the slat schedule in the subsonic region for this coming patch, that maybe help a bit, but all the other work that affects turn rate (and a ton of other stuff) is being done in its own branch and being tested by our SME. It will only release once it's 100% finished.
  6. I agree with you and no offense taken. Up to this point a large majority of the time spent on the FM has been working on the handling aspects and not as much on the performance, since handling in this case is somewhat subjective (no handling data/tests available) and we wanted to focus on that with our SME. Performance numbers are a bit more objective and don't require as much SME input. ED does not provide any FM tools so any type of automated testing needs to be developed by each 3rd party individually. Testing via test pilots is also possible, but everyone is on a volunteer basis and testin
  7. Now does everyone believe me when I say that working on this type of stuff takes forever? 4 hours to test only up to Mach 0.8 at ONE altitude. Then one has to re-test AGAIN after making changes, analyze test results, make changes, then test AGAIN. When I can only devote a couple hours on a weekend to this, changes can take a long time. These changes are still WIP, do not assume they will show up in the next patch unless I specifically say the changes are ready.
  8. Not that I am questioning your statements in any way, but I assume you're hand flying these tests. The only spots you can check on the chart while hand flying is along the Ps=0 line. If you are, are you reporting results after doing all of the following: hold constant speed +- 2 knots roughly hold +-100 ft/min on rate climb (hence the Ps=0 curve) maintain altitude within 200-300 ft of target altitude have the correct loadout/weight have unlimited fuel be at the correct altitude MSL have standard day conditions (15°C at sea level) have the c
  9. Can you afford to pay competitive western salaries for 6 experienced full time engineers? In the US this would be in the $90,000-120,000+/year range. We do get paid, but it's not enough to make a living from (in the West at least), hence the reason we can't all do Heatblur full time. The only reason the Tomcat exists is because we traded large amounts of our free time and experience/expertise for an extremely non-equivalent amount of money. I think something that is lost on many people in the DCS community is lack of awareness of the skillsets required to make these sim
  10. No, Heatblur has always been like this, at least on the engineering/programming side. I believe many other 3rd parties operate like this as well. All of the Tomcat code was developed by 5-6 guys in our free time.
  11. Everyone should be very appreciative of the presence of @Victory205 here, we are lucky to have him. He has spent of hundreds hours flying the DCS Tomcat to not only make our jobs easier (thank you!), but to make sure the DCS Cat flies as close to the real thing as possible in a consumer simulation.
  12. Not sure if you're aware of this; at Heatblur we have some full time employees, but none of the programmers at Heatblur work for Heatblur full time. We all have day jobs which means work on the F-14 can only happen in our free time. I believe the majority of 3rd parties operate this way (I could be wrong). It's one of the reasons things can take so long. The reason we choose to make products like the Tomcat is only because we are as passionate about flight simulation as you are.
  13. There are updates coming but I can't promise a date as these types of changes are extremely time consuming and I work on this project in my free time. Unfortunately the turn rate and performance tuning is the last item in a very long process. We are currently investigating drag for fuel tanks and stores mounted in the tunnel, supersonic airframe drag, and AB thrust in the supersonic region. Turn rate performance can be evaluated and tuned after all these other issues have been resolved and set in stone, and the process takes almost twice as long as we now have 2 airframes/engines. Releasing th
  14. Yes, with the FM we can only worry about things we have control over, and that's clean performance and ext fuel tank or pod drag. We're going to look at the stores drag we can control, but any missile or bomb drag we have no control over so for any missile or bomb-heavy loadouts, all bets are off, unfortunately. I only test with clean loadouts or the lowest stores drag loadouts that we have data for, other loadouts are just not worth the time they would take to test. Drag and thrust tuning is still WIP now that our SME has had more time in the F-14A which he's more familiar with as opposed to
  15. This is probably a DCS bug, we have no control over that.
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