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  1. We are currently working with ED on this issue. Thanks for the report
  2. Hello, Do you have at least one waypoint in your flight computer ?
  3. Hello, a good habit is to turn down the gain of the MPCD (it will make for a better map to text contrast). On some hardware there is an overall readability issue with he texts, we are working on it. Cheers, Alpha
  4. Procedure listed by Kappa is the correct one (the Mav unselecting when TPOD is SOI is a known issue, should be fixed soon). If you still have problems with mavs never heating or not getting SOI don't hesitate to make a small track of one of your flight using the IRMAVs, so that we can help you more accurately. Cheers, Alpha
  5. Hey, this issue has been reported. There are also similar issues on other maps that should be fixed soon or that are waiting to be reported. If this happens to you on another map, don't hesitate to report it too. Thanks for the report !
  6. Hey, I'll report the bug, but i think it's something on ED's side, not sure we will be able to improve it. Thanks for the report !
  7. I see, I'll input it into our tracker. Thanks for the report
  8. All points are steerpoints, you should have infos about your selected one in the HUD. It indeed looks like a bug. Does it do the same when creating a mkpoint via TOO ?
  9. Hey, do you still have this issue, i just tested it and it's fine on my side
  10. Hey, do you confirm this is still an issue ?
  11. If the issue happens again, i recommend doing a repair
  12. Hello, Do you confirm this is still an issue ?
  13. The Mav G isn't supported by the module at this time, I think this is an issue with a training or a mission
  14. Also, the HUD projection circle isn't modelled, Issue reported to the devs. Thanks for the report.
  15. For future reference, current Harrier HUD VSTOL symbology
  16. That's Interesting. We have to improve the DMT to make it more realistic, indeed. Would you have the reference of the pubs you are citing ?
  17. It should indeed display ground range and not slant range. Thanks for the report
  18. Why not, I add it as a feature request, but no promises
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