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  1. Thanks, I was looking all over for this. I just got the Mig-21 and fly exclusively VR. In respect of your comment on PointCTRL, I built my own for about $35 worth of parts. Happy to share build plans and code, but needs some Python knowledge cos I haven't compiled it into an exe.
  2. Thanks! Yes, it works now. After uninstalling, I searched my whole computer for "simshaker", and deleted all those files as well. Reinstalled, and it works!
  3. I'll send you a PM instead... it's still not working
  4. Thanks. Where do I put the config file? Also, I have tried uninstalling SSA and reinstalling and it didn't work. I think I should be on stable. I'm using the one on https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=aae14da560024f57&id=AAE14DA560024F57!111&authkey=!ABzEH5Hl-uswPrQ
  5. Nope, there isn't as far as I know. I'm using the latest one downloaded from the blog. I'm not home now so I don't know what version it is, but it is dated Feb 22. I had used the "add remove programs" Windows feature to uninstall everything, then reinstalled with the installer (dated Feb 22) from the blog.
  6. I found the log. It's only generated if I run as administrator. I've attached it. Do let me know if you have suggestions how to fix the issue. Thanks! log.log
  7. Hi all, SimShaker just stopped working suddenly for me today. Was working fine last night after the DCS 2.7 update. But now, when I double click SimShaker for Aviators, the icon shows up in the system tray, but no popup saying SimShaker for Aviators is running. Then when I mouse over the tray icon, it disappears. I tried uninstalling SimShaker and reinstalling- did not solve the issue. No crash logs or anything (if there are, please let me know where to retrieve them). So it's really difficult for me to diagnose. For what it's worth, UWVeditor also doesn'
  8. Hi, you can try binding your rudder axis with a "Ctrl" modifier in the Adjust Controls menu. So Ctrl+Joystick X activates your rudder. You can then use a program like Joy2Key to bind one of your HOTAS buttons to the Ctrl key. Then, after touchdown, you hold down the Ctrl key and voila your joystick becomes a rudder control axis. Thereafter, when your IAS drops below about 60 kts, switch on NWS and your rudder inputs will control the NWS. One potential issue is that the roll axis may remain active when you hold down the ctrl key, so at touchdown while your indicated airspeed is still high en
  9. I fixed it. For Steam, it is in C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\F-14B Not DCS.openbeta. Also, it has to be changed to "F-14B" from "F14", which is the default.
  10. I've tried changing the directory to "F-14B", but it still does not work. I use the Steam version. Is the directory different for Steam?
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