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  1. Just finished doing the same this morning with exact same results as above. Log attached. I then went ahead and placed the autoexec as posted by USSR_Rik and this seems to have fixed the issue. Both Nevada and PG seem to load without issue now. dcs.log.txt dcs_working.log.txt
  2. So on my first run of the game today I was able to open PG on mission editor as well as fly instant action without any issue. After exiting the program and starting it up again we're back to CTD on mission editor or instant action if PG is chosen as the map. Again Caucasus has been working without issue and also that the above problem has been occuring with any aircraft not just the F/A-18. I've attached the log from the successful run as well as the unsuccessful run. Again looking at the logs the problem seems to occur at this point Now, this file doesn't exist in the directory in this fo
  3. I'm just spitballing here but I'm wondering if this issue somehow involves the keyless DRM in some way. As I mentioned before I had one successful launch on two different machines that were having this issue by deleting the authdata.bin file and looking at the logs from the failed launches versus the successful launches I'm seeing the same thing as above the failed launches all stop at the section where it would be trying to load the terrain.cfg.lua.dll.crypt file. What I can't understand is why I can't replicate the success by re-deleting the authdata.bin. Unfortunately I don't know the ins a
  4. So I just attempted deleting authdata.bin from ./SavedGames/DCS/config directory. During this launch of the game PG would now load in the mission editor without issue. The problem then recurs after quitting and launching again. I was hoping maybe I was onto something however I can't seem to replicate the results by deleting the authdata.bin anymore.
  5. It appears I spoke too soon. After quitting the application like normal on the next launch of DCS I'm again unable to use PG and getting the same CTD both in mission editor and instant action. I'm attaching the the log files from the launch where PG worked and then the subsequent launch where PG is broken again. DCSlog.zip
  6. Ok so I have an update. As I mentioned earlier after uninstalling Nevada terrain PG still wouldn't work. I then uninstalled PG as well. I then reinstalled PG but did not reinstall Nevada. PG is now loading in the mission editor without issue.
  7. Just removed Nevada. Still getting same CTD on attempting anything involving PG map. Caucasus continues to work fine.
  8. I'm running Windows 10. No VR and no trackIR. I've tried using create fast mission as well which works fine as long as I select Caucasus but get same CTD when selecting Nevada or PG. When it happens I briefly get the loading screen but no loading bar ever appears and it quickly crashes to desktop with no warnings or crash dumps.
  9. Same problem here. Mission editor works fine if using Caucasus map. Any attempt at loading mission files from Nevada or Persian Gulf causes CTD. Unable to create new mission files using Nevada or Persian Gulf as well. Same problem with instant action, Caucasus works without issue but Nevada and Persian Gulf causes instant CTD. I have attempted running as administrator as others have suggested but this did not help. Please find my logs attached along with dxdiag and event viewer logs. DCSlogs.zip
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