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  1. Hello, Nice energy show :thumbup: Belly
  2. Hello, Good idea for such request to have another formation pattern :thumbup: Not sure about a typical reverse way, the reversal of the formation pattern in an important turn was used, however German used also a "3D" pattern with altitude difference: https://dingeraviation.net//bf109/bf109tactics.html Belly
  3. Hello, On the last mission I have played, last week, I had some doubt about the fact that Fw190A-8 did not engage (fighter role). I have just made a test on a training fighter mission I made against Fw190A-8, with F10 map view to check (I know this mission very well to have played it many times). I have the confirmation, now the Fw190A-8 made only defensive action and do not engage :cry: I am in last Stable release. I am surprised of this state because we do not have update on the Stable release since many months and I remember to have played this mission last weekend of March witho
  4. Hello, We have played your MP mission (3 players version). Right at the beginning of the mission, the player Pimpernel 3 was damaged by Pimpernel 4 on the same parking location. I changed the status of Pimpernel 4 with a later activation and we played the mission with 3 Spitfire (all human). It was nice time :thumbup:, thank you very much :) Belly
  5. Hello Suntsag, Thank you very much for those MP version :) Belly
  6. Hello, I would like to build a mission with AI in the aircraft group of the player (the formation leader). Depending on the events of the mission, I would like that the player has to be able to access to commands relative to CAS (for asking to attack ground target) and CAP (for asking to engage air enemy aircrafts). In the mission editor, we have CAS or CAP but we can not change within the group during the mission (example: WP 1 to 4 in CAS then WP 5 to 8 in CAP). It seems script may be an answer ? If yes, I suppose some other person already did that. Does it exist a library
  7. Hello, Thank you for your answer. I have checked the mission options. No option game avionics and game flight are selected. Belly
  8. Hello, On Stable release (last one), often I have lost my profile buttons and axis. From my experience on this bug, we have noticed: It appeared only in MP mission (test made before and after the mission in SP without pb on the same mission) It appeared when we are the server or client to the mission It appeared on both Spitfire CW or not CW It appeared on many different missions It appeared on other players on the same mission Fortunately, I have saved my buttons & axis profiles and it is very fast to load them back. Belly
  9. Hello, Thank you tintifaxl for those detailed information on some modules :) I made reference to DCS world presentation: Thank you also MrExplosion, I will have a look on your mission Belly
  10. Hello, Nice picture :thumbup:, if it is from DCS, do you have it without filters ? Belly
  11. Hello, DCS is a sandbox with toys. Then, like childs, make your ‘’game environment’’ and use your imagination. The mission editor is here for this purpose and it has lots of possiblity :thumbup: I do not want to play the lawyer of ED, but in DCS world presentation nowhere I have seen some campaigns included in the game. Some users have made missions, campaigns :) Belly
  12. Hello, The mission has been updated with the addition of written messages to com voices. I wish you a nice time to play it :) Belly
  13. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate :) In the following days, I will add written messages to the voice-coms. Belly
  14. Hello, I propose you a fighter mission in Fw190A-8 in Normandy: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3308333/ This one has been built to try to be in an immersive and historical approaches. This mission is taken place on the June 20th 1944. A usual for me, this mission is built to be played without F10 map. Navigation could be done with included kneeboards. The mission can be prepared with the detailed documents included; context, briefings and maps. I would recommend 16Go RAM, mission is a bit heavy. Required modules; Fw190A-8, Normandy ma
  15. Hello, I really like this Fw190A-8, and what a nice functional cockpit. A plane with plenty of specificities, good in some features and bad in others :thumbup: On Normandy map, with an historical respect, I play only Spitfire & A-8. Both totally different make me happy. Now, new loadouts are coming … very good news :) Belly
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