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  1. Indeed I have - I need to check it again as there has been changes apparently and I have not recently played with Mig-21bis. Last time I tried was that some switches at least reacted to left or right mouse click with toggle, in that case you can not use dedicated value 1 or 0 for on or off. I think there was a discussion way back about this. Unless it has been changed it is no-go. I will try to recheck it in the coming days, if I find time, then we can discuss a concrete example. It is not all switches, most important ones, like rotaries IRC, have dedicated positions - so basically the module
  2. I am missing the dedicated On and Off positions and keybindings. Most of the keybindings are toggle switches. It is a real pain to map the stuff in something like Warthog HOTAS where I would like to have the switches always synchronous between my Joystick and the virtual cockpit. It is also that Mig-21bis lua(s) seem to be impossible to adapt to this logic.
  3. You really think that you can omit a proper graphic card? Link is just means of communicating the signal wireless, something still needs to fill and render those pixels - efficiently, I might add. I don't think there is yet a free lunch, particularly not from Zuckerberg and the likes.
  4. The next bottleneck can always be God knows where. I have a system running 8700K with 32 GB Ram and 1080ti - it is ok with Reverb, not stellar, but it is playable. I do not know if I can expect a full boost going to 3090 or whether it would be better to settle with 3080 as something else might be already on the limit...On the other hand I have a mind to get Reverb G2 first and worry about the GPU later :D
  5. Whereas I find the new mesh and stuff nice and helpful for VR and truly appreciate it all - I am equally annoyed by the keymappings (not having dedicated On and Off functions for switches) which make keybindings for switchboards and stuff suboptimal - which again is a certain difficulty in VR. Is there a hope of getting the actual keymappings revised and get the dedicated On and Off bindings?
  6. Yes, I am doing the whole mess with the matrix, using the buttons and diodes, but I really can not speak of "reduced" wiring. I assume that with shift-register I could pack all four sides of the MFD buttons each in its' own register and then chain them up one after another. For the connection between the registers I only need five wires and only 5 to the controller... I found this discussion and this could lead to something. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=120049&page=5 post #46 shows a board for a single shift register I could adapt that... My idea i
  7. Yes, d4mn - there is this discussion on SimHQ - it is just well over 100 pages, full of information but I just need one tiny bit...
  8. Heh, I am actually starting to build my own CNC with 3D printed parts. Sure would be nice to see a picture, but my main concern was reducing the cabling and perhaps for that end use a shift register instead of a matrix. I am not sure which components I need for a shift register. I think that I would need four shift registers, one for each "side", then I could do the connections to proMicro with 4 (or was it 5) cables and 5 between each shift register. The downside is that each shift register needs its' own chip (not sure which one it was) and what else I need for one shift register...
  9. I got myself a 3D printer and I am in a process of building my own MFDs. I had TM Cougar MFDs but I already sold them. I did not like the feel of them and they were too small for my sausage fingers. I also decided that I would like to have a bit more of this and that (rotaries and so on) and I went for a mix of F/A-18, Harrier and A-10C in my design. This is a prototype: but inside it looks about this: So I am kind of asking whether I should have gone for shift register(s) instead of diodes and a matrix. I am toying with an idea of designing my own PCBs and orde
  10. ...or maybe it is just me. When I trim in UH-1 for instance, I can center the stick afterwards and it stays trimmed. With Ka-50 I have this feeling that it is always a little bit more than I bargained for. After trimming I always need to trim back a little bit? I have tried the Default option and the centre based. I might also see it in control indicator, but for some reason the R_Ctrl+Enter does not bring it up for me in Ka-50!?!
  11. The thing is - I bought Simped pedals some 20 years ago. Still using them, great value for the money. At that time it was a one man company and I guess he has already passed away. I am in a process of building myself a new set, just for fun - nothing wrong with my Simpeds (although I was too cheap to buy the ones with toebrakes - ever since I built my own expansion). I am going to power it all with Pro-Micro board and reprogram it with MMJoy2 Now my question is - if it turned out to be a great set, what is keeping someone like me from starting an own garage start-up and offering
  12. I fired up mig-21bis again and I noticed that my warthog profile is again shot to hell. I tried some reconfiguring and checked out the Input/keyboard/default.lua again. I have no joy with these On/Off bindings. You can not really bind them to the Warthog switches, as you will never know if the switch is currently On or is it Off. I could easily group the weapons systems switches to one warthog switch if there was a instinctive On and Off Key-Binding. It is possible in most of the other aircraft, for some aircraft a bit more difficult, for some it is easier. Mig-21bis seems to be tota
  13. The problem is that the hardware switch needs to be synchronous with the virtual one in the beginning. However, I found the solution for Ka-50. I noticed that if the cover is closed, but I still press the switch itself, for example "On", it will open the cover and with the second press it actuates the switch. So the easy solution is to use T.A.R.G.E.T and put the switch On command twice into the switch. So if the cover is closed, it will be opened and the switch is turned on. Even if the cover was closed it will still switch On and the second command is unnecessary but does not cause any
  14. Hi, the problem with the first line is that it keeps on toggling the switch open and close. I would want an explicit open the switch cover and keep it open nevermind how often I press it successively...
  15. I am trying to get some dedicated On and Off Keybindings in Ka-50. So far I got already pretty well started, with most of the switches. I am, however, stuck with some switch covers. For example for Battery 1, I would have: {down = 3006, value_down = 1.0,cockpit_device_id = 2, name = _('Battery 1 Cover Open'), category = _('MODDED')}, {down = 3006, value_down = 0.0,cockpit_device_id = 2, name = _('Battery 1 Cover Close'), category = _('MODDED')}, No joy, both keys just flip the cover open and close, back and forth. Any ideas how I could fix it. With the underlying On/Off switch I
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