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  1. So first let me tell that I was thinking about a UV map missing for the "collision" model but I add one and still no luck... So to answer your question: - model and collision mesh looks good in blender (3). Although with different mesh shapes (collision mesh simplified) they are where expected. - both have material, and UV map, textures only for the model - edm is "renderType" for the model and "shellNode" for the collision - both have the armature parent - export process does NOT complain. - edm viewer show correctly -- the model, textures and associated box around (see picture) -- the collision shape at the right place with no texture (so black I think) In game : the model appears correctly textured but if in the ME I put a "DCS native static object" (like a "car" or whatever) on top (for exemple on the flat grey parts) it sinks througt the model like if the collision model would not exist... So the highest part of a big object emerge above the model and a small on is completly hidden below (on the DCS landscape) Question : - does the collision model works also for statics object ? - problem with Blender 3 ?
  2. Right now it just a basic model... A rectangular shape would do the job for understanding what I am doing wrong and testing. In particular it is not clear to me if the "model" and the "collision" should be exported as 2 different edm models or if both are embeded in the "model" one (that I suppose because I see both in the DCS edm viewer). As far as I understood, "model" and "collision" do not have necessary the same "mesh shape" and they could even be displaced from each other (not what wee want but just to be sure). For information I am runing Blender 3 but I saw in another message that the plugin works fine in B3 By the way thanks for your youtube tutorial. Thanks to it I was able to do the job but unfortunatly you didn't cover the "collision" or Lods things. For the collision I tried to follow FireBlaze one (xith the car and tremplin) but... Pb might be identified : no UV map for the collision model.... Will check with and report... Finally NO
  3. Hi everyone, New Blender user with basically no experience here. However as I am only interested in basic low poly things I was finally able to build my first basic testing model and thanks to this great edm tool I was able to export and see it corectly textured in game. However I have a problem with the collision model and whatever I do, "DCS things" (I mean DCS static models like a car for exemple) sink into it Following yotube tutorials (tnaks guys) I choose shellNode for the collision model in the edm properties, threre is a material and the export doesn't complains at all. I checked in Edm Viewer and It is there perfectly in place but... So what could I be doing wrong ?? Please note that I have no problem with the "normal" (non-collision) things... Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone, New Blender user with basically no experience here. However as I am only interested in basic low poly things I was finally able to build my first basic testing model and thanks to this great edm tool I was able to export and see it in DCS edm viewer although I do not see the textures (not even the default green brick one, mine being completly black) . At this step I have a few problems and questions : Textures : problem is the following. My blender model is textured with 2 jpg textures (just for color, no rougthness, metal or whatever) and it looks fine in blender. However in the export process there is only one entry for the "color" texture... looking arround I saw that at least in some cases there is a ziped textures file. So I am a bit confused about : - how to "declare" texture in the edm exporter and organise them in DCS ? - also concerning the texture format. The ones I used in blender are jpg but in the zipped archive there are mainly dds ones... Is there a mandatory texture format for DCS object or can we use jpg, png, bmp, or whaterver I used in blender ? Collision model : not sure is it the right term. My question is the following : is there something special to do/set in blender or edm exporter to have a "solid" model ? I mean that if in DCS I put another static object on top of mine, it will not sink inside ? Lods : well I am not at this point at the moment but I am wodering how Lods works... Should we provide different edm for different Lods (as for destroyed status as far as I understand) ? Thanks in advance for these rooky questions.
  5. AGM65-F is a nightmare on moving targets... Good luck
  6. Hi, What Cfrag suggested. See also https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/285570-alert-take-off-with-plane-already-visible-at-mission-start/#comment-4813040
  7. Well in fact it works but 4 o'clock in the morning was probably too late to analyse properly what was going right or wrong
  8. Hi, investigated and it sounds that in fact Group.getByName("whatever") works even for players flight but that this is a lua problem. here it is : Group.getByName("Enfield") => works BUT if I do something like : tab = { Enfield = {"xxxx", "yyyy"}} for u,v in pairs(tab) do if Group.getByName(u) then don't care what it is doing here... end end it doesn't work... However if I print u it is Enfield and it is a string... So what is going wrong with thus lua code ? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, Let's imagine that I have N human flights define in the ME for exemple "Human1", "Human2", "HumanN" Is there a DCS scripting function that could test if a player has entered "Human(whatever)" flight ? Looking forward for a function that would work in solo and MP sessions. I tested simply using the Group.getByName("Human..") but unless i did something wrong it doesn't seems to work for players... thanks
  10. Hi toutenglisse, I also use the mist function sometime it works with the workaround I suggested. Thanks anyway
  11. Still problem. Obviously because of my silly former error the scheduleFunction was not execute. Now it is but with the "usual" foolowing syntaxe DCS complains (user flag name) missed timer.scheduleFunction(trigger.action.setUserFlag,{'switchFlag',0}, timer.getTime() + 2) tried with {switchFlag,0}, {'switchFlag',0}, {"switchFlag",0} but DCS still conplains about user falg name.. Any idea ? Should I have a coffe... LOL Edit : I think that the problem is that the setuserFlag DCS function wants 2 parameters (not a table) but we can transmit only one (or several as a table) with the scheduleFunction. Am I wrong ? Any workaround solution? The obviuos solution would be to define my own setUserFlag function with a table as parameters and then calling the DCS native function with the 2 parameters. Sounds silly to have to do that
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