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  1. Most of us get it Chuck. Some people just need to have a bit of conflict in their lives and have a keyboard rant at someone / something every now and again. I asked the initial question about the guide and I'm happy with the responses given. Could we just crack on now?
  2. Chuck's Harrier Guide is on hold - for good reason, I understand that @baltic_dragonis doing a Guide but obviously is not ready for release yet until they've finished major upgrades. @ZeroReady's post above is great for deploying LGB with TPOD. After much trawling around I found the following useful-ish; Q4 2020 Midlife Update - scroll way down past all the pictures. Grim Reaper's update video - narrated at his normal pace, but can pause and go back over; These were late 2020 and I'm not sure if still accurate.
  3. @ZeroReady Thanks man, worked perfectly - easy when you know how! I gather the CCIP dumb bombs procedure has also changed - back to the detective work!
  4. Yeah. But at least they're still working on it. The biggest PITA is no systems user guide as part of the product at all, let alone one that keeps pace with the system changes. It's a real naus having to trawl the forums and YouTube for advice, and then wonder if it's current. Shouldn't have to rely on 3rd party users to write their guides for them.
  5. Thanks ZR, I'll go through that tomorrow. The use of DESG on the Left MFD is a new one on me. Slewing the TPOD is done using the old TDC controls (U,J,Y,I) ?
  6. I've been away from DCS for a while and in that time there seems to have been a lot of changes, with no clear documentation or guide. Chuck's is outdated and on hold, the Pocket Guide tells me nothing about how to use things. I used to know how to use GBU12 LGB with the TPOD and the TDC for target designation, but now nothing seems to work the same and I'm getting displays I don't recognise. There's not even a TDC button now. Does anyone have a simple to follow step by step guide for how to designate ground targets and drop GBU12 LGB with the TPOD (or any other met
  7. Yes @imacken, trust me to get the Harrier as my 'favourite' module! Well as ex-RAF Rigger, what else? They took my Hawk away Oh for a Tonka!
  8. Thanks @Ramsay. Makes sense, goodness knows how Chuck manages to keep up with all the never ending changes with all the other modules! He needs a team! I have that 5 Nov 2020 version also so up to date as far as the Guide goes.
  9. I've been out of DCS for a while, where is your Harrier guide now? I can't see it on the master list now, just spent a happy 30 mins searching and going round in circles! Want to check for updates. *30 minutes later... Hmm the Mudspike link to it is dead. Obviously I've missed something while I've been away - do you even have a Harrier guide now?
  10. I've set up a JTAC on my practice mission, can communicate with it so it's working, 1688 entered, call IP Inbound, then Laser on, it responds lasing, but I can't pick it up. I probably haven't set something correctly; GBU12 selected and armed - AUT Fuz NT Qty1 Mult2. DMT is on, LST on RH MFD, the X is sweeping and searching, but doesn't pick up the laser, I tried pointing the nose down at the target area and nothing. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? Any advice gratefully received, thanks. EDIT - Disregard, I went round again and this time it worked! Don't know what I did differently thou
  11. Hi, thanks for doing this campaign, it is an excellent way to learn the different ways of delivering ordnance with my Harrier. I notice that my kills in TTI are not logged in either the end of mission debriefing page of my main DCS logbook - is that intended?
  12. It took me a good while and a good deal of head-scratching, key assignment checking and re-running of the mission yesterday before I realised that the INS slew is not implemented. BD could you put a note in the mission to that effect? Also, how do I know that I have the latest version of the training missions? Thanks.
  13. I've just stumbled across this TTI mission and I want to say a big thankyou to deadlyfishes - it's great and it's really opened up the game for me! I am playing Persian Gulf Single Player in the latest release version of DCS - I've seen comments here about needing to play in the OpenBeta version - is that right, or is that just for the mutiplayer server? Anyway I am learning how to set up the missions how I like but I noticed a thing - my kills don't register on the mission debriefing - is there a setting that I have missed or something? And is there a way to save a mission and go back to
  14. Or, just another day on the internet :sleep:
  15. Thanks for the videos, looks great fun - and nice flying too! Adapt and enjoy, or leave and moan - each to their own and I know which I prefer :music_whistling: PS RAF Grey every time for me too :thumbup: :beer:
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