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  1. the 120 is almost useless since the change. head on shot on mig29, both mach 1+, range below 10nm. perfect parameters for a 120 shot. the mig didn't even go defensive and 120 spoofed by chaff. add to that the multiplayer lag and TWS radar bugs and there you have a hornet useless for A2A
  2. would love to confirm this but my screenshot is from the latest open beta. it happens when aircraft are spawned dynamically. To rule out a problem with moose i also tried to spawn the group using the native dcs sse. same problem unfortunately. i'll find out at which parking spot they spawned and will report back. thx
  3. see attached pic. SU-27 AI group taxi to Runway and block each other at takeoff. makes further usage of the airfield impossible.
  4. It's a MIG-23 airbase, but no parking spots available for Fighter Sized Aircraft. Also i think the Name (An Nasiriyah) is wrong. should be Al-Nasiriyah.
  5. Is it planned to include one or both of the MIG-25 Airbases in Syria? Tiyas and Tha'lah They are quite important
  6. has anyone been able to reproduce this? supercarrier, hornet group (#1 client, #2 AI wingman), takeoff from ramp (cold start). running on dedicated server, mission is set to start immediatly and not wait in pause-state for client logon. after cold start, taxi to cat, wingman follows but stops short of the cat and is ignored by deck crew. client takes off, wingman waits at cat and never takes off, blocking the carrier deck making recovery impossible for everybody else. it‘s 100% reproducable for me but bignewy does not think it‘s worth reporting to the team. so please if anyone can reproduce po
  7. i guess thats because the track is from multiplayer and playing the track from ME makes it a singleplayer. i found in multplayer they always spawn on different parking spots compared to SP
  8. Hi FunkyFranky, ist it posible to assign an array of parking spots for the AI_A2A_DISPATCHER spawns?
  9. here is another replay on the latest version. greets Test1-20200606-204216.trk
  10. i made the track before the last patch and now it doesn't spawn in player and AI wingman :( i'm giving up on this if you open the trk file in Mission Editor one can clearly see that 2 Hornets are ont the flightdeck (player+AI wingman)
  11. awsome work on those scuds :thumbup: now the SA-5 can't be that far away :lol:
  12. here is a very short one showing exactly the problem. quick and dirty cold start no ins Test1-20200603-192321.trk
  13. hi there, i just made a C2 cold start on the Supercarrier and it taxis to the CAT but never takes off. it only works when set to "takeoff from runway". i'm on and use Mod Version 1.6. greetings
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