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  1. @jross194 Thanks for the support bu please create a separate topic for your requests. It is hard enough to get ED to do anything in this area without this, very specifically scoped, topic devolving into a free-for-all wishlist and discussion on off-topic subjects.
  2. No direct experience I am afraid. He does have a Format / Device matrix page though http://airplanes3d.net/formats-000_e.xml
  3. Found this today, looks good. May be of interest to some people on this forum. "Virtual Airplane" is an e-book. You can learn from this guide how to build a detailed aircraft model using Open Source software: Blender, GIMP and Inkscape. No previous experience required. http://airplanes3d.net/wm-000_e.xml Polish version is free. English version is paid. Can also be bought in separate volumes. All volumes clock in at nearly 3,000 pages so looks pretty definitive!
  4. So before I go and have to set this up myself (and no doubt again duplicating the work that many others have done already) I am wondering. Has anyone got a minimal starter template C++ native extension project for DCS ready to go? A DLL that can be loaded into, and called from, the lua mission scripting environment. Basically something that does all this (from 2012): including dependencies etc. etc. (the link above has a little example but it is incomplete and old)/ Ideally somthing that can be dropped into a folder, rename a few things, load it in Visual Studio
  5. I agree with Aarnoman here. The AI should treat humans and AI alike for the "Return Fire" ROE. The reasoning given for this behaviour "When ai checks other ai - it knows that other ai will not attack him" doesn't really make sense to me since one of the main points of "Return Fire" ROE is the tension it generates in players not knowing what is going to happen. This also makes certain realistic scenarios types (e.g. Intercept of an enemy bomber penetrating airspace to escort it away) impossible.
  6. Halleluyah, this is a godsend for multi-monitor setupts. It would be *incredibly* useful for mission makers to be able to set kneeboard bookmarks programmatically via a scripting API so that things like mission specific airfield charts and other useful pages can already be set rather than making the player go through them.
  7. Yes. Based on some testing the rules are convoluted and varied. Therefore without exhaustively testing every airfield at varying wind directions and wind speed combinations (which is not feasible) only ED can provide this information with any surety.(or preferably provide the API)
  8. As requested by BIGNEWY on https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/general-questions-ac/291489-reported-al-dhafra-ils-setup-incorrect I am starting a new thread. Could ED provide the following information: What is the logic DCS uses to decide which runway to use at a given airfield. Based on data from the above thread it is to do with wind direction and speed but the details (e.g. wind speed cutoff for the logic) are not clear. If the wind speed is low enough not to matter (whch is implied in t
  9. I am the developer of OverlordBot, a voice controlled AWACS and ATC bot used on a number of multiplayer servers ( More info: https://gitlab.com/overlord-bot/srs-bot/-/wikis/home ). In order to provide more requested features for pilots I am asking ED to implement the following APIs in the mission scripting environment so that they can be called by the bot, they will also be useful to other scripters. Obviously the exact call semantics are up to ED as long as they fulfil the desired goal. API TO HELP WITH DECLARE Players have requested that the bot supports declare
  10. Thanks BIGNEWY. If possible could you also confirm the logic of active runway selection? Based on what other people have said in this thread it is not as simple as wind direction. (Or there are bugs elsewhere). Having this information, along with any custom logic (Khasab for example) will help us make sure things like DATIS and OverlordBot can stay in-sync with DCS.
  11. We did some testing and it looks like there are two separate issues at Al-Dhafra (We did not check any other airfields) Issue 1 : ILS 109.10 and 111.10 are mounted incorrectly. * The ILS for 31 (109.10) is mounted backwards (It provides ILS information for Runway 13). * The ILS for runway 13 (111.10) is mounted backwards *and* there is something wrong it that causes the glidelope info to not appear until you are basically over the midpoint of the runway. (It is mounted upside-down?) Issue 2: Incorrect ILS selected with low wind. (Incorrect based on the statement by BIGNEWY above at lea
  12. Unless we know the underlying logic of how airfields' active runways are determined (including exceptions) then there is nothing we can test since we don't know what we are supposed to be asserting, hence my question. The best we could do is come up with (possibly inaccurate) assumptions, black box test on those and hope that the assumptions are correct and submit trackfiles. If those assumptions are not correct then that is needlessly wasted time. However, since BigNewy has since stated The logic is allegedly very simple and can now be tested.
  13. What is the logic that DCS uses to determine the active runway? Is it generic or do individual airfields have different logic? We were flying on Persian Gulf with the wind 010 and 2m/s which, based on wind, should mean Runwas 31L/R are active. This is what the humans ATCs were using, it is what DATIS and OverlordBot were reporting. However the in-game airfield ILS was only active on runways 13. Is this a bug or does DCS use more than just wind heading to determine the active. Man it sure would be nice to have an `Airfield.getActiveRunways` or `Airfield.getAc
  14. Only if , at minimum: * provides a FREE base level of functionality available to all users. (e.g. can be added to a mission with automated control) * A paid component for those who want the extra bells and whistles (e.g. for being able to command it realtime in-game) * Absolutely does nothing to split the multiplayer userbase (i.e. Cannot join server that uses the IADS if you don't have it yourself).
  15. Without going off-topic (I would prefer to keep this thread mainly between SRS based Voice Developers and ED) LotATC will also be badly affected by this change since people will not be able to use it and the voice system at the same time. Hence my request for clarification from @Kate Perederko .
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