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  1. This thread is for OverlordBot. The ATC requests are very secondary given how little people use it. What we really need is a working `unit:getRadar` API or equivalent `unit:getSpi`
  2. The way I would set it up would make it completely up to the servers if they allow access to their server's system or not according to the goals they want to achieve with their servers. The rest of your post would probably be better as a separate thread as, as far as I can tell, it goes very off-topic from this request and more into "hard-coded" DCS behaviour.
  3. In the 17 December 2021 Newsletter the announcement has been made that the in-game comms system will be in the next open-beta release. Has there been any more thought on providing access to the system from outside DCS itself? Any update would be highly appreciated.
  4. DCS has a plethora of OutText APIs. * outText * outTextForCoalition * outTextForCountry * outTextForGroup But no ability to send outText to a single unit. This has massive impact on online mission design since it is one of the reasons mission makers end up making single unit groups which breaks wingman Datalink features, limits the callsign availability and increases the chances of callsign duplication. It has also limited my ability to provide good integration for Speech-To-Text functions for hearing impaired / deaf players so that they can "listen" to OverlordBot and conversations going on in SRS. Please implement outTextForUnit. It should be a copy/paste of outTextForGroup and a small code change to get a unit by id instead of the group and then check if this unit has the same id instead of checking if it is a member of a group. This is a very simple change with a massive impact.
  5. OverlordBot Discord is at https://discord.gg/9RqyTJt
  6. Introduction Binary (the creator of DATIS, DCS-Scratchpad and many other DCS related projects) and RurouniJones (the creator of Overlordbot) are proud to announce our initial 0.1.0 release of DCS-gRPC; an Open Source Remote Procedure Call server for DCS powered by https://grpc.io/ and written in Rust. It is available for download, along with some example client applications at https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/rust-server/releases/tag/0.1.0 What is DCS-gRPC? DCS-gRPC allows you to remotely interact with the scripting environment on a running DCS mission. This allows scripters to move code, that previously _had_ to run inside the DCS server process, _outside_ of the process. This allows for complex code to be executed with less performance impact on the DCS server itself. For example: Instead of having an IADS (Integrated Air Defence System) script running inside the DCS process it can do all the detection calculations externally and then only has to tell the DCS mission to turn SAM sites on and off. Another advantage of using an RPC system is that the scripter has a much greater choice in what scripting language they use. Instead of having to use Lua they can choose to use Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, Ruby and any language supported by https://grpc.io/ Sounds nice. But is this relevant to me? DCS-gRPC is aimed at scripters, mission makers, application developers and multiplayer server-admins who wish to add functionality to their servers and missions while limiting the performance impact. We have already implemented a number of APIs that cover a wide variety of use-cases and are adding more as time goes on. For a list of currently implemented APIs have a look at our [API Documentation](https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/rust-server/wiki/api-documentation) which is also available in the `Docs` folder of the download. Adding new APIs can be done quite easily by anyone as it is 95% lua code and just a bit of Rust boilerplate code. See https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/rust-server/commit/ee984b693ea6fe6f84566df58e69b949c3240a16 for an example. Since this is the initial 0.1.0 release we are still potentially modifying existing APIs as we improve the design so this release is mainly for people to play around, experiment and start prototyping their applications. DCS-gRPC has already been deployed to the Hoggit servers without any issues. Do you have some example applications that use DCS-gRPC? Yes! The server comes with a repl and a copy of https://github.com/fullstorydev/grpcurl which can be used for experimentation. These are available in the `Tools` folder of the download. As part of this initial release we are also releasing some example client applications that communicate with the DCS-gRPC server. The following examples are all written in C# but you can choose to write your clients in a variety of languages. Jupiter Jupiter is an application that will allow someone to act as a GameMaster for a mission. It will allow real-time control of units and other things (Such as placing smoke, flares and Illumination bombs). This application is very much in very incomplete ALPHA state and is included here to demonstrate what is possible. Download at https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/Jupiter/releases/tag/0.1.0 DCScribe DCScribe is a program that makes use of the unit streaming ability of DCS-gRPC to stream the position information of units and write them to a PotsgreSQL database. This data in the database can then be used for various purposes such as an online map. Download at https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/Scribe/releases/tag/1.0.0 SimpleAirDefence A simple example Integrated Air Defence System. Note that this is a _very simple_ example. It does not have most of the features that Skynet IADS has for example. However it demonstrates the possibilities. Download at https://github.com/DCS-gRPC/SimpleAirDefense/releases/tag/0.1.0 OverlordBot OverlordBot already uses DCS-gRPC on the Syria-At-War server to implement the mission request and mission join functionality. It also uses DCS-gRPC to send start-up and shutdown messages into the server. As time goes on more and more functions in OverlordBot will start using DCS-gRPC to make OverlordBot better. Support & Contact You can reach us via the Github issues and Discord. We don't think DCS-gRPC requires yet another Discord so we have instead created a DCS-gRPC section on the OverlordBot Discord at https://discord.gg/9RqyTJt You can also find Binary and RurouniJones on other DCS related Discords (e.g. The Hoggit Discord).
  7. It looks like we can no longer export the RWR for the Mirage to a separate Monitor since this requires modifying those lua files. The Radar export works. Please get RAZBAM to update the RWR luas so that it can be exported. In fact, just allow people to export all the instruments as they please in the M2K. Basically replicating this userfiles pack: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2317118/
  8. Is this ED saying it has been fixed? Or is this ED saying there was no issue?
  9. Thanks for the information! I don't want to derail this thread with debate by posting a big expanattion, which would invite more speculation etc, but I do not think this is a viable option here. Msg me on the OverlordBot or Hoggit discords if you want to talk technical details
  10. OverlordBot is an Open Source SimpleRadioStandalone voice enabled AWACS and ATC Bot. It is running on 20 public and private multiplayer servers, 360 people have submitted voice training sets to help the bot recognise them and the Discord has over 600 members. Currently OverlordBot implements all its features using internal code. It does not call any ED provided scripting APIs to implement its AWACS and ATC functions (Because there are none that are applicable to these use-cases). However it can also act as a simple voice-to-command proxy to the DCS functions that ED makes available to the Mission Scripting Environment so that those functions can be triggered using voice commands that are transmitted over SRS (Just like in real life, the radio voice channel is the communication method and requests and responses can be heard by everyone tuned in). I would like to give players the ability to call into the new ED ATC, that is currently under development and slated for the Marianas map, without needing to use the F10 radio menu or other mouse / keyboard based UI. Providing a voice UI will increase immersion and make ATC radio calls more natural. It will also allow programs such as Voice Attack to more reliably trigger actions since it is not relying on simulating keyboard inputs which is at the mercy of F10 radio menu ordering. Therefore this request is is to expose the APIs required so that we can trigger the functions that would otherwise be triggered by clicking on the existing F10 radio menu. For example, if there were an F10 radio command under a specific airfield for `Inbound` then there would be a mission scripting API along the lines of result = atc.callInbound(airfield_id, unit_name, transmit_pilot_voice = false, transmit_atc_voice = false) -- transmit_pilot_voice will determine if the in-game pilot states the request with the pre-recorded audio snippets. -- true means transmit using the pre-recorded audio snippets. Useful for things like Voice Attack where the player is not transmitting over voice comms -- false means there is no audio transmission sent as other players will already have heard the request over SRS and OverlordBot triggered the action -- transmit_atc_voice will determine if the in-game ATC replies with the pre-recordded audio snippests -- true means that the ATC transmits the response in-game -- false means that the ATC does not transmit a response in-game (Will be used by OverlordBot that will speak the response from the result) -- Result table contains structured pertinent information including the text of what the ATC would say or a structure containing the data that would be needed to turn into spoken text. If ED action this request then I would be happy to discuss this bit in more detail. (There would probably need to be some sort of push mechanism or method that can be polled for updates to be transmitted when ATC wants to contact the player, happy to discuss that if ED proceeds with this request.) As this new ATC is in active development I hope this request can be actioned more easily in the code being written now. A side request would be to expose the existing radio APIs so that we can do the same thing (For example being able to contact tankers via voice for air-to-air refueling operations).
  11. After testing we confirmed that the unit:getRadar does not return anything for players. So All APIs in this request are still required.
  12. @BIGNEWYDid you pass the comments on? What was the response? (I believe the "corrct as is" tag was added before your last comment)
  13. Playing Liberation generated multiplayer mission. Player launched cluster JSOW at preplanned coordinates where AI aircraft are landed. Note that these are not statics but full AI units that happen to be on the ground. JSOW did no obvious damage to units despite the units being well inside the detonation zone. Units were still visible on F10 as live units and no damage on the models was seen. Issue occurs about 1:37:00 into the mission. Twitch clip: Track file (Zipped): http://www.filedropper.com/liberationnextturn-20210306-151201
  14. Someone on Reddit pointed out that there is an API called `GetRadar` - https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getRadar which I missed but might do what I need for `Declare` (I will update later as I have not had time to test it yet). The Airfield APIs requests are still open.
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