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  1. Notch. Notch like there's no tomorrow. Basically you fly low to the ground and perpendicular to the enemy, so that you become effectively invisible to their radar and thus trash their missiles. Last time I did that mission, I had to evade a total of 6 missiles from both Foxhounds, and some of them were still very close calls. It's like fighting against Tomcats in a Flanker, only easier (Foxhounds use SARH missiles)
  2. I took off, flew to South Ossetia and shot down both Su-27s and all four Su-24s - the Su-25s turned back and ran away, and Magic revoked my license to kill. After that, according to the score card, I had 75 mission success, which was increased to 85 after I landed at Vaziani. What did I do wrong? Where's the remaining 15 points? Could it be due to me tailstriking both on take-off and landing?
  3. Hey LordLobs, I've finally found a workaround... 1. Set up both triggers as the rudder axis 2. Go to 'axis tune' window 3. Set both triggers as 'sliders' 4. Invert the left trigger 5. Set any unique value for both triggers (like 57) 6. Save the config, exit the game 7. In windows, go to C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\su-25T\joystick and find the file with your X360 controller's bindings 8. Open the file, within it find the configured deadzones, should look something like this: 9. Change the deadzones to -1 for both triggers: 10. Save the file, restart
  4. I just finished the entire campaign, and aside from it being quite difficult at times (F-14...), this is the only breaking bug I've encountered.
  5. I did a little digging in ME and found out that all 4 Hornets are set to spawn on ramp at position 1. I changed them to spawn on runway 5 minutes after the mission start and they took off normally, but that's not too elegant.
  6. Heavy Sky Mission 14: Assistance - the goal is to protect friendly flight of Su-25Ts from anything that comes from the enemy carrier. Problem is, the four Hornets simply don't spawn, and thus render the mission undoable (as the victory condition is for all 4 of them to be shot down). Anyone knows how I can force them to take off? I tried moving their E-2D so that it would take off from land, but they still did not spawn...
  7. Seems easy to do in a Hornet vs just one Tomcat. Gets much more difficult in a 4 vs 4 in a Flanker, which has a much more primitive RWR that does not show accurate threat angles and does not register missile locks until the missile is ~5km away. Any advice on that?
  8. I'm (trying to, at least) playing Heavy Sky, and I find F-14s quite ridiculous... On mission 3, I succeeded mostly due to dumb luck - somehow, miraculously allies took out all the Tomcats, most likely due to sheer number. Now, I'm at mission 5 (4 did not have any enemy Tomcats). What am I supposed to do? How am i supposed not to die? Their missiles are fired at 60km+ ranges and seem to be at mach 3 by the time they reach me regardless of what I do. I can't outmaneuver them, and the only thing I can do not to die 10 minutes into the mission is to go full AB the other way. In any case, I c
  9. I'm at mission 5 and I'm frustrated beyond any will to play... Mission 3 had me attack some speedboats with... bombs? WTF, no way I can hit a fast, moving target with any bomb with any wind involved. So I have to start the mission with rearming myself... Mission 4 had me bomb some trucks. Strong AAA meant I have to stay high, but ridiculously strong winds meant I can't hit shit with bombs. Yay... got to use rockets and pray that AAA doesn't hit me (and rip me to shreds with just a handful of hits) Mission 5 has me take off and to some CAP. Great. Problem is, I'm (yet again) placed at
  10. When attacking a heli that's on the ground (or a plane, for that matter), it's nigh-impossible to destroy it. I once landed multiple S-8 KOM rockets and AP cannon rounds on a freshly landed F-16, and all I did was stop it. To kill it, I had to resort to a BetAB-500 overkill. Anyway, back to helicopters... When they're landed, then no matter what I drop on them, they just don't die. When they're in the air, my R-60Ms get easily distracted by their flares - I'm lucky to hit one out of the two I have, but even then I had a Mi-24 survive 3 R-60Ms (both mine and one from my wingman), so I wo
  11. I'll check that, both in mission editor and in an actual playthrough. I do remember some allied fighters attacking some F-5s, but that was some 30km south of the CAS zone. That's how I did my previous missions - load up with as many RBK-500s as I can, ripple-drop the entire convoy in one run and hope for the best. In case of this mission, however, I've got two groups of 4 vehicles, each group in a "T" shape. A single ripple bombing run won't strike them all, but I might have some more success with 8 rocket launchers Side note - I think RBK bombs are unaffected by wind, which is why
  12. Regardless of which target spawns, it always is surrounded with SAM sites with F-5Es flying overhead. How am I supposed to not die, let alone actually do any damage to the target? I've tried low altitude ingress, but then I'm taken out by AAA and SAMs. I've tried high altitude ingress, but then Tigers take me out before I can make a 2nd pass. Am I supposed to just spam countermeasures and hope for the best? Or are there some friendlies that are supposed to clear the skies, but "somehow" the mission got broken and nobody cares about fixing it?
  13. I'm stuck at this mission as well. So... ...is anyone doing anything about fixing this mission, by any chance?
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