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  1. Actually, you can get the Cougar from Alternate.de at 179€. Is not cheap, but at this moment I don't think you cannot get better quality/cost investment for a Hotas.
  2. I don't really know if this is known here or not, anyway thx to "paux" of the spanish il2 series squad "3ª Escuadrilla" ( 3rd Squad ) we know now the next. If you go to http://www.adonf-fr.com/ , download the GTR Manager, installs it and runs it, you can go then to "Options" and "Select Game Management", a list of suported games appears and one of the games is ... ooops LockOn. So, you select Lockon, the GtrManager closes down and the next time you opens it you get Loman 3.3. Link to 3ª Escuadrilla: http://www.terceraescuadrilla.com Link to Paux thread: http://www.terceraescuadrilla.com/fo
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