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  1. Agreed this really hampers some mission in multiplayer.
  2. Mostly in multiplayer since we can't access the Mission Editor. You would think it was a rearming option but I don't see it.
  3. Just got one too. I'll post my icons for the Viggen and SU-27/33 Mig-29 when I get them done.
  4. Hi all, Looking for any resources to get art to be used to make liveries. Mainly tail art or country flags etc. Does this exist anywhere in one place?
  5. I had success turning and running after 1st volley. Lure them to the airbase within SAM range. Get low and put them at your 3/9 and fly to the mountains by then they should be scattered and hopefully a SAM got one and you can engage on your terms. Key is get them in range of your R-47ET's so you can fire and forget then get in the merge so you can murder them.
  6. Auto-generated and custom AJS-37 cartridge import so we can see the flight plan, edit the plan, create a kneeboard with the flight plan etc. Great stuff to make our lives easier :) https://www.combatflite.com/blog/update-change-log
  7. yeah nothing changes for me when I use these keys either. Didn't know it was "supposed" to work.
  8. Hi, Where do i add/edit bx wp's for the Viggen. Cant seem to find this. Thanks!
  9. Guys to be fair could be a language nuance if Berk is not an English speaker. He might not have meant it that way.
  10. maybe try a default profile and see what happens? Maybe you have too much movement or something....sorry no help here.
  11. So its a bit more complicated but not once you understand: Dive and level both have a few modes that use radar and a mode that is "quick release". The radar mode (usually in ANF ) is tied to the M waypoint for purposes of radar ranging. In either case it really works the same. Fly at the target and when you unsafe make sure you are "lined up at the target". Next you need to pull and hold the trigger between when the flashing bars at the bottom and when the "wings" appear in the hud. When you pull the trigger and hold make sure you keep the Flight path dot in the steering circle. The b
  12. Naw I use trackIR and Viggen almost exclusively and never had this issue. Must be a setting in TrackIr or something. Are you using custom maps or the default?
  13. how do we set safety height in multiplayer?
  14. Well I definitely had times where I was 5k or more off and it was accurate. So that doesn't really tell us anything except err on the side of accuracy (nav fixes)
  15. In MP is the default medium? How can we change this in MP after subsequent missions? (REARM)
  16. Hello fellow pilots. A few CombatFlite updates with some for Viggen! Version 1.0.2 Fixed: Snapping T/O and landing waypoints to airfields and not to carriers & FARPs Fixed: Wind direction imported from (exported to) DCS reversed by 180 degrees Fixed: MP client slots selectable but not being able to get to the Briefing screen Fixed: Various .miz export bugs Fixed: Kneeboard 'Value cannot be null' bug Fixed: 'Locked' property not being inherited during layer import from another .cf Fixed: A/A TACAN and Frequency values bug Fixed: Briefing formatting issues when exported to .miz
  17. Wow just what I needed. Excited to look through these. Thanks Corvinus
  18. Out of suggestions. Can you send a replay with the hud in Baro Alt mode?
  19. guys read this! Viper from CombatFlite said he can do this. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3649697&postcount=493
  20. tbh the seat raised helped a lot. Maybe try a few runs with it maxed up and see if that helps out.
  21. Assuming you have the HUD lowered and the seat higher and your in the drop parameters and have the correct QFE set. I haven't tried it in the last few patches but this seemed very touchy to me as well but once I had all the parameters in correctly it worked. QFE being most important
  22. You consistently keep adding/adjusting things based on our feedback in the forums. Small things like adding Mode dial to axis and the extra cartridges. I for one appreciate you listening and your rapid turn-around. Not only did you delivery a Jet that was complete on launch but you continue to tweak it. Special thanks to RagnarDa the Hackerman for his listening, knowledge and support. I thank you. >>Now back to cleaning the tops off of pine trees....
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