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  1. Hi, I'd like us to share our tips and clues on how to perform acurate dive bombing runs with the SB/71. I'll typically get to 30° off the target heading at 15 km at mach 0.85-0.95 At about 7 km from the target, I pull up about 4G, set AB to zone 3, and start looking to the side to visually acquire the target When the target comes within sight or the general area where it is (if it is too small to be spotted early on), I start to roll until the target passes behind the upper mirror Then I make an opposite roll to align the plane on the axis to the
  2. This odd for when I load the mission from the ME, I can start from the ground. Thanks Rudel. Didn't know about the mod.
  3. Hi, I just noticed in the Short-field training instant mission the plane does spawn at ground level and still (ramp start) next an invisible FARP, on an airstrip north of Kutaisi. I've tried to make the same happen in a custom mission on a random road but I was not able to. The plane starts in the air. What is it that I am missing?
  4. I'm all for a GR1A/B. Otherwise, I'd welcome a Buccaneer as the next best thing (2 engines, 2 crew, carrier capable, 60/70s plane, complex machine).
  5. i have ls/sku on numpad enter and l/mal to numpad+. Works fine so far. Maybe the issue is with the modifier?
  6. Hi, I noticed the following: Seat height adjustment works. But the sound I used to hear when raising/lowering the seat is gone. RB-04E launch over land: the missiles crash pretty early after being launched. This bug had been reported before and fixed according to the changelog. But it seems it is back as I just did to release 2 RB-04Es over flat l and a few km before reaching the sea and they crashed. See here:
  7. Can we expect a campaign to be made for the Mirage F1?
  8. Thank you for your very helpful advice. I didn't know about ModelViewer2. It is a great tool! As a side note, I found out for the CC that the U/V knob argument # is 404.
  9. Did you check if it works with another plane? It might be a map issue?
  10. Hi, I'm designing a custom mission and I need certain audio files to be heard only when the player's radio is tuned to UHF channel 1 (251 MHz). I checked training mission 2.2 and found the following : TRIGGER CONDITION ACTIONS Autorizacion de despegue, NO EVENT X: Cockpit argument in range (14,0.5, 0.5,"") MESSAGE TO ALL (Select frequenc, 100, false, 0) ARGUMENT: 14 MIN: 0.5 MAX: 0.5 TE
  11. Hello, I've been flying the C-101 for almost two weeks. This is a great module! Thank you Aviodev for having brought it to DCS. Today, I've been reading the annex for the 101CC. At page 133 of the manual, regarding the HSI, the following has been written: Should I understand the C-101CC (and the EB?) do have an INS? If yes, will it be implemented? Will the "navigation source annunciators" be implemented too? At page 146 of the manual, regarding the employment of bombs, the following can be read:
  12. I am puzzled with the "ASP-5 Bomb mil deflection setting". According to the label that appears when your mouse cursor hover on it, the unit of measurement is the mil. But, in the manual (p. 132), it says: The scale on the ASP-5 Bomb mil deflection setting goes from 0 to 12. So can it be confirmed the scale is not in mils but in degrees and the text should read "ASP-5 Bomb mil degree deflection setting"? Or am I missing sthing here?
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