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  1. Thank you yes, I've just found PrtSc key! Give me a few hours! And yes 650 knots is the Max I'm getting. If I pitch up by 5 degrees it drops to 150 knots. Alternatively I run out of gas quickly (1 or 2 minutes). Everyone's given me ideas (like checking load outs for gunfights etc, going up to 30k+.......) Best, Pete.
  2. Checked out any binds nothing.... perfect so far as I could see. Repaired DCS. Went into "Intant Action" 1 vs 1 Full afterburner = Max Velocity of 650knots at 20K, level flight. This is supposed to be the fastest plane on DCS. I've had a lot of time on the SU-27S. Absolutely no problems. Lovely piece of kit! Thanks, again Pete.
  3. Sorry I'ver been out of touch for a few days. Like the comment that unless I provide screenshots of movie no one will believe me! Ha! I'm not some 16 year old I'm in my 60's but not computer savvy - I'm a musician, former pilot used to iMacs but with a new PC so I'm struggling with things like screenshots and the rest.... I really think that there was a drop out in download but I cannot report to DCS because they need screenshots and movies or Docs supporting the problem - so right now I'm in a Catch 22 (kind of) I'll check control binds one more time. However I would like to than
  4. No, it's not that. Before I got shot down (!) I ascertained this: Throttle fully forward. Both engines at just under 100% Outside view confiirmed afterburner working fine. By which time I was doing 150 knots on 5% climb........... It's crazy..... Thank for your help anyway - I thought you worked for DCS because of your comment that current iterations of the F-15C worked fine. I can confirm it doesn't. Best, Pete.
  5. Draconus: This is what I found in Controls If you search for "Flight Controls" you find "Thrust" my TWCS Throttle shows up and the full range is included. Should work fine, right? However if I search for "Throttle" it doesn't. There are separate lines for "Throttle Up" and "THrottle Down" and I can't get it to accept the TWCS Throttle. Is this the problem? I tried the "Instant Action" "Strike Escort" and couldn't get any throttle or thrust movement at all even when the afterburner was on (checked external view, it was burning good)! The F-15 stayed at about 325 knots at 19k alti
  6. Draconus: 1. Thanks. Nice to know. 2. I'll do more checking as you suggest re: Cross Controls. I've been testing on the "Helos" er, quick flight thing. I get "Bingo" fuel a couple of minutes in which may be symptomatic as I was trying to get above 10k feet to really test it...... I'm assuming then re 1. that there is a comprehensive Plane Manual in the Docs? I should add that I'm new to Flight Sims but not flying which probably seems ass backward. I love your SU-27! Can you confirm whether it is the S/P version? DCSWorld is the bees knees, which is why I wondered whether I had pro
  7. Has anyone experienced any issues this weekend? Yesterday, I decided to download the F-15C. That worked ok except once installed (via Module Manager) I found out two things 1. No Training Missions for this module. 2. Lighting up the afterburners resulted in a reduction in speed at any altitude until the module stalled and fell out of the sky. Now there may have been more except by that time I tried to contact DCS World. Before I always got prompt replies but this time my message wasn't sent because I hadn't included a "screenshot or File" i.e. it wouldn't send until I did. I woul
  8. Pete, I knew a guitarist in the Bay Area who was called Peter Johnson. Best, Pete.
  9. I love your "signature" - not supposed to be connected to this thread but I guess I haven't reached nirvana yet. I just recorded some soundtrack music that used the equivalent of 145 discrete tracks (it was heavy on an Orchestral level). You can't get away from the fact that most of us have more computing power each than the complete Abbey Road Studios had in the nineties. Thanks, Pete.
  10. Thank you very much, guys! It actually comes with 2Tb SSD and 2Tb of Hdd - I'll be using it for recording music too and that really eats up memory fast.... Best, Pete.
  11. I have a chance to acquire a new PC with RTX 2070. I'm confused as to whether this would have any advantage over say a 1060. The CPU is a i7-8750H. It's a laptop which I'll use for real world needs and connect to a larger screen for Sims. Please don't get too techy with me - I'm a musician and jut want to use a PC not examine my naval about it..... Appreciate any advice/help given. Thank you very much! Best, Pete.
  12. Many thanks for taking the time to reply, guys.. I'll take your advice and will continue to trawl through this subject on here. Best, Pete.
  13. Ok, lemme explain - I want to buy a system in a box (yeah the controls will be seperate - I'm talking PC here only) I desire very good results with the latest DCS (2.5?) without having to build a PC, just not interesed in that, I want a "turn key", Hey, I'm a guitarist who still plays thru valve/tube amps; what can I say? What if anything will give me good results in the $1,500 range - that could be upgradable? I grew up on "Harpoon" and still enjoy those strategic/tactical sims. If there is an up-to-date thread on here that covers the same question let me know and I'll delete thi
  14. Like a F16 in just about any variant, please...... Best, Pete.
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