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  1. I did a test with the Su-24T, since it's the only othre twin engine aircraft I own. I mapped my SINGLE throttle axis to both engines, then mapped increase and decrease left and right to q-a, w-s. I was able to push the axis up to which brought both engines up to say 75%, and then use the A button to bring the left engine back to 65%. Not what I want ideally but I can't afford a new throttle. The nice thing is that once I used the buttons to separate the output of the left from the right, they stayed at 10% different even when I pushed the axis up and down. I have been thinking
  2. I just tested in an existing mission, Open Beta, Caucuses map. It worked fine for me.
  3. Thanks Art-J, I see how it works not. //salute
  4. I am on the ED not Steam version of DCS, but I have a friend running from steam. He cannot figure out how to download the free trail aircraft. Can someone give us a menu walk through. I don't use steam for DCS and so I can't help him figure it out. thanks
  5. It appears to be just server load. I have had issues, restarted DCS then Ok. Only to have my buddys report they can't get in. It took us 15-20 min to all get on multiplayer and connected. One guy had to reboot his PC.
  6. Good post nkghtknight, DCS is the ideal community to work on F@H since there is a large number of people here with high end CPU's and GPU's. Here is the link to F@H if anyone wants to download it straight from the source. https://foldingathome.org/ A recent news article said that due to the Covid-19 outbreak F@H has seen a rise in downloads and now has more computer power as a distributed network that the top 7 super computers combined. It's a good cause, dl and run it in your spare time.
  7. Thanks ED for the test flight I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the weekend free with the SU-27 and F-15. I have little interest in ether aircraft but I take them both for a spin (pun intended). I hope they keep this up and I look forward to trying out other modules in the future. maybe Mig-21 next time!
  8. Prior to the last round of updates to 2.5.6 my little group had three missions in the UH-1 that did some form of loading of AI troops via the Embark to Transport and either an AI CH-47, or Player flown UH-1 picking up the troops. After the update these scenarios are mostly broken. I cannot get the AI to load onto a UH-1 at all. For the AI I had 3 squads plus a platoon leader team of 3 that would load into the CH-47. After the patch only the Plt leader and one squad load, the other squads stay in place, and the helo never takes back off and resumes it's route. I realize there are other
  9. I never considered this before but if you are downloading it via a torrent you are not getting the files straight from ED but from an unknown source. You could try rolling it back, check that you are good and no flags go up. Then move back to open beta (I am assuming your on beta) but make sure you cancel the bittorrent and move to the download from ED. Or maybe better try running the updater from a dos prompt and see if it will redownload the offending files directly from Ed. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/709/
  10. There is no radio yet, but they posted an image of a radio that is in the process of being added. https://www.facebook.com/1475030196055201/photos/basw.AbokSsXZv4jSvHxRJa2vY1eQWjItnJCj5LJb1SbKD6F0plIGV4WeOzs3guKqYd7uwpthqyZFoy7B9ADzBLOz-f1JwM8GqU8lbYSgKEyP7S95gQweHQ9-dMNLv5IxXSGq3GQETOjq-NiVVlJTFL2Ag8TT.1988761691348713.2432811206943757.2432811183610426.1475112416046979.2284162305141982.2432811173610427/2432811206943757/?type=1&opaqueCursor=AboPLnRgkacPzRUl9NelV5fVAlKCUlhlfvhSOk4HwnFPwtAqjm2woT344hSk4uUbnVV76ibZIMc1sT7Tw-5viWOQbKxw_crxTj4M0o7aYmildomTUbW0QP2Sew0XPgmpVyQGFFJO5djrEyql8YP2
  11. Thanks the Corsair and the Crusader both look interesting. Is there any way I can get that Essex class with an angled deck?
  12. Merry Christmas to you guys, have a great break. Looking forward to all the new goodies to come.
  13. That is great, I am always looking for a good MP mission, and it just so happens I have 2 friends I can drag along. Thanks for making us this mission. I truly appreciate it.
  14. 2. You tube, there are a lot of tutorial videos out there, just be ware of any that are old and my be out of date. Have fun.
  15. If you are still undecided then punt and download the A-4E mod. It has a clickable cockpit, has lots of basic systems that are interesting to learn. Can do some A-A but it is mostly A-G. Can land and take off from carrier but has some quirks since it is only a mod.
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