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  1. I have the Steam edition, in OpenBeta. I do not own the Harrier module. Whenever I'm near one of those, I don't hear any of its sounds When I go F2 camera on one of them, it's completely silent.
  2. For me I like the glare but I think it's responsible for some heavy blinking / like some instagram filtering going on / off when reaching low altitudes (typically during landing). It's quite visible in the video above at this moment: But for me it's much more pronounced than in the video.
  3. hehe you guys are making it sound more complicated that it is, if you were to press rudder left at 100% and have a heavy foot and by mistake give some rudder right at 10% then it would result in 90% rudder left. No spikes to be worried about, in fact I have spikes right now with the current hack of assigning two axis to one unique "rudder" binding and giving curves to both. It is a quality of life feature that would make it easier to use DCS with a wider range of hardware.
  4. Well your case would not be affected by the feature I'm suggesting. I don't mean to replace the current "RUDDER" axis assignement. I only suggest adding "RUDDER LEFT" and "RUDDER RIGHT" optional bindings in axis menus. Player can then choose if they have combined pedals -> they bind to RUDDER and if they have separate axis pedals -> RUDDER LEFT and RUDDER RIGHT My racing pedals aren't combined, that is the issue here.
  5. Right now I have ability to bind one axis for rudder. In my case as a sim racer and flight sim enthusiast, I use my racing pedals as rudder through some hack of assigning both axis to rudder and using curves to make one only act to the left and the other act to the right. that's far from optimal as I can't be smooth with it and tune the curve nicely. I always tilt the viper during taxiing unless I'm crawling super slow to make sure I don't overturn. I would love ability to bind Rudder Left to a certain axis and Rudder Right to another axis. I feel if DCS were to allow this and co
  6. Exactly... I wonder why they're even asking the community, as it would feel more appropriate to let the developers decide on the order in which things make sense from an implementation point of view. Unless all systems are completely independant. Also important is the player learning. Like with the current system, players are learning bad habits and will have to re-learn stuff once CZ is added. So in the survey when they seem to separate HARM as a weapon and HARM systems support, it should probably instead be shipped together, to prevent negative learning or a weapon being fired using diffe
  7. I wonder now if it's related to being a client or a server. When I joined a dedi hosted by someone else, I had issues. But if I host my own multiplayer session, I don't have problems.
  8. @auditor - are you reproducing it on Persian Gulf? I just flew over Caucasus and did not reproduce the issue... When I had it it was on Persian Gulf.
  9. @silentbob11 - Are you on Persian Gulf? I have a feeling it might be related to the map. ( https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4359492#post4359492 )
  10. It's not just you. I have it as well, posted about it here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4350419#post4350419
  11. Thanks but that doesn't seem to be an altitude issue for me, the target cue is just the other way. "behind me"
  12. Please please finish the A/G mode and let us create waypoints and fix the CCRP HUD target designator issue before starting to inject new weapons. Viper's pretty much useless for A/G in the current state.
  13. There's some bug though for me. Fully aligned, my TGP looks at the waypoint properly and I see the target in the TGP. But the target designator on the HUD is pointing entirely somewhere else, on the horizon. The CCRP fall line is completely bugged out and I have no idea why.
  14. Not directly a ME feature, but an ability to save the current state of a mission would be awesome. Then all human players would probably have to be sent back to their spawn points for when the game is resumed on the dedicated server. And therefore, ability to edit saves in ME. (to add / remove some AI units, make them move etc)
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