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  1. I know this topic has been broached before but I haven't seen a solution offered yet. Is there a way to tap into a .miz file and copy/paste the triggers into another mission or just store them somewhere? Sure would be nice to tap into that for repeatability and just plain remembering how you made certain events happen before!
  2. I'm trying to create a trigger that respawns a bad guy group 3 times only. I'm using a simple respawn a group if dead MIST script along with flag values. I attached a screenshot. I can't understand why this is not working. Help!
  3. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. This is a head scratcher for sure. I added a sound to the trigger just to test it. Start the mission, my plane is on the deck and approx 30 seconds in, the bad guys spawn but I get no sound! I've got some gremlins somewhere. I'll just figure out another way to spawn the bad guys. Thanks again!
  4. I have a simple trigger that activates some bad guys when my Hornet takes off the carrier and leaves the moving zone, which is assigned to the carrier. I'm starting cold, so roughly 30 seconds into the startup process, the bad guys spawn... but I haven't moved. I've used this type of trigger a hundred times with no problems, so why now? Anyone else having the same issue?
  5. I wasn't brave enough to do that at first :cry: but your method makes more sense. Thank you for the response!
  6. I love the new format, great job Khopa! One option I need some help with is setting the departure times. Some of the defaults are set at 45-50 minutes?? Can someone please share their strategy and how to set these times effectively. Thank you!
  7. Using RAT to spawn bad guys is no problem but I'm trying to spawn them every 5-10 minutes. I can't find it. I'm sure this is simple and the answer is on here somewhere but a little nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Error when Creating Lua File 1st off, I work for a large software company and know how to code, but have never used LUA before. I have had the hardest time just trying to get LDT up & running. I finally got to a point where I have created a Mission folder and a Test Mission folder. When I try to create a 'Lua File' in my Test Missions folder, an error occurs and the attached window pops up. Any suggestions?
  9. Thank you for the response. I was at the right place but for for some reason, it did not download the .zip file. All good now, thanks again!
  10. Which Eclipse Version Do I Need? Just now getting started and was trying to download Eclipse. I made the donation and was able to obtain the .exe download, BUT when I opened it, it had several Eclipse options (see attached pic) and I have no idea which one to choose. Or maybe I'm just in the wrong place? A little help would be appreciated!
  11. I made this sound file myself and you're welcome to use it or edit it if you like. Or send me any changes you would like and I'd be happy to help. Great job!! Magnum.zip
  12. Here you go. You can see it switch to PP Mode after I fire. Also, it took several attempts to actually fire the JSOW, which is not normal. JSOW_TOO_TEST.trk
  13. Just tried to attach the Track file but there's a limit of 5Mb. Mine is 38Mb, just to the point of the mission in question.
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