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  1. Fly it in MP, SoW for example. Just fly 2700 RPM, very often the Engine just stops after 10 minutes or so.
  2. The 109 and 51 falls indeed short in terms of 3D model quality, they need an update. They aren't up to DCS standards anymore.
  3. So what is it Yo Yo ? 250 or 300 ? Thanks
  4. I have the Warthog stick on a gunfighter base and a 10cm extension. 2x50 springs on each axis, that setup feels unreal. Highly recommended. The 20 cm extension feels a bit much for me but I used it for warbirds and helos. As for the F 14 stick: It really feels nice in your hands and is good for the Tomcat. I hate that cheap feeling trim hat so much that I don't use the stick anymore. The stick can't be canted but the extensions to the base can. Tilting the 20 cm curved extension sucks for obvious reasons. The stick will be out of center then. You can use diffe
  5. I can't see any charts in your post Fenrir, maybe because of the new forum engine?
  6. As for the Spitfires sensivity, I have it on a VKB base with a 10 cm extension. 20 cm extension works even better but I removed it, the small extension has more heft with the heavy #50 VKB springs. Feels just real. ATM I run a curve of 1 on Roll and Pitch. Not happy with my gunning so I may go up to a max curve of 5. Will see. Rudders are the tricky part, even the MFG Crosswinds are super twitchy in the Spit without curves. Problem with curves is: A twichy Airplane remains twitchy even with curves. Ones we get to the point where the curve starts to go up a twitchy Airplane kicks even more
  7. These havexto be removed, ugly, cheap, same with the Mig 15.
  8. VKB Gunfighter base Mk III with eather 10 or 20 cm extension, no curves at all. 2x 50 springs on each axis. Stick is a Warthog with an VKB adapter. Rudders are MFG Crosswinds, no curves. After a little flight time that setting feels really good.
  9. I'd trade all my modules for a proper weather engine, man, this is a flight sim, clouds and weather is THE most important part in aviation. Ehy DCS is lacking on this core feature is beyond me.
  10. It is completely broken, same with the Mustang. Engine dies sometimes w/o reason. The module we paid for isn't working. There is a bug with those engines and we are left alone since two years with it.
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