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  1. Description: The AI Gazelle Lima version does not seem capable of using it's onboard cannon to fire at ground targets.The helicopter will start running in towards the target, climb almost above the target, then dive way too steeply and abort the attack before getting an opportunity to fire, run away, and repeat this pattern. DCS Version: Steam: No Map: Caucasus SP/MP: Singleplayer mission Reproducible: Yes. Step to Reproduce: Place Gazelle-L with gun ammo but no rockets near ground target and instruct to attack.
  2. I'm rather curious about the A-A functionality the Litening II pod might be bringing to the Viper. I know from the Warthog and the Harrier that they have an AA functions, and I've read that some IRST sensors can do some very interesting things, some even acquiring target's position via laser ranging(?) and datalinking that or using it for the guidance of FOX-3's without needing to use the radar. Does anybody maybe know more about what the real-life Viper will be capable of doing with the Litening II or other pods, and what capabilities it will likely bring to the DCS Viper?
  3. I've started up using ground power with no trouble. The trick seems to be either not turning on circuit 3, or not touching the FCS reset button untill your right engine hydraulics are running.
  4. After hours of trying, it seems like the BK-90 was intended to be used without updates. Waypoints updated via the ground radar just seem to be nowhere near accurate enough to land a weapon near the target, whereas a manually entered waypoint over a known target's position is always spot-on. After a quick bit of reading up, it seems like it makes sense that the BK was an afterthought, though. It was said to be underdeveloped, and most Swedes didn't exactly buy the excuse of "Don't worry, it's a sub-munitions dispenser not a cluster bomb!", as the Swedish weren't a huge fan o
  5. Oh, no, That actually totally makes sense for me now! I'm trying to do this with the BK90, but with that the HUD shows the standard nav symbology with the flight path indicator, so it doesn't show up. So, is there any way I can get the waypoint indicator to show up whilst carrying BK90's? Because there are scenarios where it's a huge pain to use the radar to update target waypoints. :I
  6. Like I said, I've been messing around, trying to get the circle to show up for a while. It sometimes neither shows up when all those criteria are met.
  7. As said in the manuals and in the training mission, a small circle should appear on the HUD over an Mx waypoint to visually show it's position. But this little circle isn't always there for me. Sometimes it shows up, and most of the times it doesn't. And when it doesn't, I can for the life of me not figure out how to get it to show up. I'd kind of like to harness the power of this little circle, as it sounds incredibly usefull for visually updating target waypoints for things that don't show up on the radar screen all that much. So am I just stupid and there a few things that
  8. Is that so? Because I did have the same problem of shooting high with the Viggen's AKAN pods today, untill I disabled the lead correction. But perhaps that just coincidence.
  9. @Crash Remember that the Viggen's computer normally runs a lead correction programme for the AKAN pods. The moment you press the safety switch, the computer assumes your retintle is aimed on a moving target, and includes the measured target's movement in your firecontroll solution. If you are firing at stationary targets, or the retintle moves off the target during this calculation, it can result to inaccuracies. If you're firing at stationary targets, I reccomend that you disable the lead computing programme by entering code "221" in the TAKT setting, and confirming by pre
  10. Ah. So the best way of preventing bottlenecks then is to make shure that there isn't a large diffirence between the speeds at wich the components operate.
  11. Thanks for the reccomendations! But another thing. Could anyone perhaps also tell me a bit about avoiding bottlenecks? I know that a bottleneck means that scertain parts aren't working at their full potential, because other parts are slowing them down. But how do I prevent them?
  12. Hello. I would like to build a new PC, specifically with playing DCS in mind, but I don't really know enough about pairing up diffirent PC parts to make it do what, I'm affraid. What I'm looking for is a PC build that can run DCS in maxed out graphics. I don't really care about aesthetics or other stuff, I just want it to work. I'm not really sure how much it would costs, but people have told me that it could be done for about 1.5 K. Is that true? I've already spoken to someone about this, and he threw me the parts he was using, wich are the following: - AMD 990fx pro tuf
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