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  1. If in the mission editor there is an aircraft group of 4 clients Once in multiplayer there is only the n°1 working and the n°2/3/4 will not work and the game will crash. dcs.log-20191218-203004.zip
  2. Thx a lot Ramsay, i didn't know about that many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am Wolf4Pm, i am the owner of the VFA-1 Wolfpack server, and I would like to know if anyone know how to fix this problem. If we are playing F-18 spawning as cold start in the red coalition, we encounter problem with the Datalink/Position alignement, the datalink is working but it's displaced by 300NM to the north, the only way to see a part of it is to fly the F-18 with the SA page with a scale of 320NM in uncentred view. I think the problem is due to a problem of alignement, because of that the Datalink in the red coalition is almost unusable, we are unable to do navigation wi
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