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  1. There are so many problems with the countermeasures on the mirage right now. 1- The plane in-game right now, does not need to mount the éclair pod to carry more than 16 flares. this is clearly a bug, éclair does nothing but add weight at the moment. (also flares will never visually come out of the éclair straight down. they always come from the fuselage launchers no matter how many you load on the plane) 2- If you select 112 chaff + 48 flares on the load-out or rearming page, you only get 42 flares loaded on the plane. 3- More importantly 48 flares (or 42 for that matter) should
  2. Hi, Looks like today's awesome update for the Jeff broke MFCD export to other monitor. With the same .lua I now can't see the thunder's MFCD on my other screen, but it still works for all the other modules. I checked in the MFCD_init.lua files if the export name had changed or something but it looks like it hasn't. As far as I can tell, this should work, and does on other planes, but just not the jeff right now. Would love suggestions or a fix thanks.
  3. woops, looks like i missed that. thanks man.
  4. Hi, Just wondering why the fuel tank configuration is limited to symmetrical loadouts. I'd like to be able to have a fuel tank on just one of the inner wing pilons and not both. This would enable more creative and potent loadouts for the jeff. Unless there is a particular structural reason for it, I don't know why Deka banned it. Sure the PAF might not use this as a loadout, but if the plane is capable of it, no reason to forbid it imo. Allowing this would be as simple as deleting two arguments from the JF-17.lua would love a Deka answer on this. :helpsmilie: Thanks.
  5. thanks for the info and the fast reply. Hope the missile team agrees too. please keep us posted !
  6. In the official deka stream in chinese on bilili, the guy mentions the rocket are laser beam riding in game. According to u/pig2000d this is a compromise because of the limitations of the semi active laser homing API in DCS. I can't understand how Deka thought changing the whole guidance method of the missile was a good trade-off instead of just having the missile not spin, but behave correctly in it's guidance. I really wish Deka changes their decision. The BRM1 was one of the most exciting features of the JF-17 to me, but this just sucks. Correct guidance > spinning deka
  7. cannot reproduce it unless on a big server I think. It probably has something to do with the scripts. It happens for me on all the big scripted MP servers like DDCS, TTI, BlueFlag, Hoggit, etc... If I host a server myself, it works fine tho, so either the size of the server or the scripts is what's causing the issue. BigNewy, are you unable to view all MP tracks, or just from scripted servers, or just certain scripted server ? I'd really like this fixed. it's an immense pain in the ass when flying with friends !
  8. yes please tell us the best way to help you with this. we all want this fixed ASAP. would single player be better for you ?
  9. Hi, I get the exact same issue. Not always, but pretty often. The second I click on the S/A page mfd button the game freezes. It happens VERY regularly but NOT always. I don't know if it's just in my mind but it seems that waiting a few minutes between turning the D/L on on the UFC and actually opening the S/A page seems to help but it's not 100%, and then again, the issue could be completely random and i'm just seeing a correlation where there isn't one. Would love to see this fixed ! PC specs : 1080ti 9700K NVMe SSD edit : included are two tracks, both on Blue flag Persian Gu
  10. Thanks man, looks like it did ! From a gameplay perspective the shrike is balanced SU-25T wise so it's cool they are putting it in. If you need justification for it, the wiring is the same as the AIM-7, and so is the firing, so they don't need any justification for the 18C imo
  11. Hi all, So we are going to be getting the AGM-45 shrike in the F/A-18C, and to start this is not me complaining, this is a quest for info. The shrike being a '' variant '' of the AIM-7 can be fired from any aircraft capable of launching the latter. However, it doesn't mean it was integrated and used on said platform. My question is does anyone have documents stating that i was actually used in F/A-18C ? Again, this is not a complain about us getting the AGM-45 of the F/A-18C, it's possible IRL so they are perfectly justified in giving it to us. Any document or personal experience woul
  12. please no, this isn't warthunder! Just a way to realistically represent how an aircraft would appear at a distance regarless of resolution or display size (like a slider for the pixel density of your screen). Also don't forget that planes are pretty hard to spot IRL, that's why most country require perfect vision for army pilots. It shouldn't be easy or '' pop out '' you should have to focus a bit !
  13. Hi, Well it seems my luck is very poor because I just updated to the newest version, and i now get this error ... here is the crash report. It looks like the updater itself is crashing now trying to start the game with the DCS.exe crashes before getting to the menu. sorry to bother you again but ... got no choice ! thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply, The disk check has worked ! though the repair killed my ethernet drivers for some reason ?? So i guess that means i need a new SSD because this one is dying right ? Thanks again for the very fast help !
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