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  1. Hi everyone, I just installed this mod and I must say it really allows for a higher customization degree on the MFG's, and the combat pedals make it much easier and more precise to use. Now I am on the verge of installing the piggyback dampers on the pedals and would like to ask you guys which viscosity you recommend for the oil. I mean, of course any oil will do but i'd like to know if you guys experimented with thicker vs thinner oil to check the difference. I'd rather have a more hydraulic feel here as well and maybe a thinner oil makes it less noticeable. T
  2. I have been developing an upgrade for general car racing seats and came about with a very good solution which is not only much more comfortable than stock, but it also raises the seat substantially and makes it feel a lot more like a true aircraft seat. Its got spring mounts attached to an aluminum box where I have installed a bass shaker that vibrates the seat and does not waste the oscillations to base and floor. I will be fabricating one more of these to a friend so if there's anyone interested let me know (pm).
  3. Hi everyone! I am opening this topic because I have been thinking about the possibility of assembling a motion simulator with 2 DOF to simulate 2 single aspects of flight, in DCS: 1) the slip 2) the positive and negative G This motion simulator should only aim at cueing me about the neutral G in the aircraft, that is, whenever I am turning to the right and slipping to the left, the seat should tilt to the left, and conversely. On the other hand, the seat should lean backwards (but not much) if the pilot is facing >1 G, then be leveled at 1G, and tilt forward at
  4. @Christianof, I am not a developer and I am not related to vJoy but I use it as an alternative to the DCS axis tuning for the purpose of having more than one mode of sensitivity for the same aircraft. You may find more information here: https://xedocproject.com/joystickcurves.html It has roughly the same functions as DCS axis tunning so you simply define the curves in vJoy and these curves will become inputs in DCS. Have a look at their site and forum. Installation is very simple. :thumbup:
  5. Sure, see below: vJoy mode A - no changes Roll Pitch vJoy mode B - 50 % sensitivity Pitch Roll Also, don't forget that whenever you have the vJoy app running you should set instead your normal curves in DCS under the new virtual joystick which should be called "vJoy". This is because all your stick inputs will now enter DCS through vJoy driver instead of through the T1600M stick driver. Got it? By the way, from now on you may as well configure your curves solely on vJoy, but this is absolutely under personal preference.... There's two things
  6. Silverdevil, Two years ago I tried learning to refuel in the F-15C, which is pretty hard considering that the aircraft (being simply a PFM) does not facilitate whatsoever in performing this task. But I had a strong conviction it would be possible as long as I calibrated my hotas correctly. My Hotas is the Thrustmaster T1600M (Stick + Throttle + Pedals). The first 10 attempts were trial and error, always failing the task, always ending the maneuvers by crashing. So what I figured out was that I needed a second mode for the Stick. My workaround was this, I had a "normal" curve in the
  7. I give my full support to HB's position here. Though not having any of their modules I am eager to try the F-14B soon as there's a free weekend again. At the moment (April 2020) ED had the decency to open all their modules for free trial and this, in my opinion, sort of mitigates the real status of their modules which lack so much development. While having the chance to try both the Hornet and the Viper I am quite disappointed to know those modules will take so long to be complete. And to know my favorite aircraft is the Viper! Thus I believe its much smarter for all of us to pay the
  8. Dear Eagle Dynamics, As a Portuguese virtual pilot I would like to ask you to add an option to select the nationality as Portuguese and the respective flag in the Logbook. The Portuguese Airforce flies the F-16 so it makes sense to add a livery for this aircraft as well to the mentioned module. Looking forward to fly under the FAP banner. Thanks in advance! :thumbup:
  9. Great suggestion This is such a rational and necessary update for the sake of fluid gameplay and realism that it becomes hard to figure out why it wasn't already implemented. +1 !!!
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