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  1. What's the path from v1.5.7? 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8 -> 2.5, or will 2.5 release also upgrade from 1.5.7?
  2. Need some altitude clear of terrain for good adf signal read. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. SMan

    Sim racing

    Go the triple screen, the peripheral view will really help in close quarters. G27 wheel or better & throw in a button box. I've spent a fair bit of money & time on iRacing. The safety penalty system is a pain, but would never race AI again.
  4. Can someone explain to me why I should be excited about this map? Is it purely for Red Flag type missions? Online Multiplayer? This is not a criticism, but it just seems an odd one to pursue compared to the other possible maps that could've been developed to suite the likes of the F86/Mig15 and the WW2 era aircraft. Cheers, SMan
  5. To make models for DCS, does one have to use 3DS Max or will something like Blender work? I saw some mention of plugins, etc for 3dsmax somewhere else, does that mean without similar addins/tools for Blender it can't be used?
  6. Can't believe we don't have an F-16 yet. Such an iconic aircraft, getting a second life around many other air forces around the world now. My vote is for the Falcon.
  7. I prefer quality over quantity.
  8. For those of you not married yet, get all your hardware first!
  9. Hahaha, love it, can totally relate. But man, round down to the nearest hundred at least. I like to smuggle things in and then go the old, "what, that old thing? I've had that for ages"
  10. I've noticed my logbook is showing zero for everything under the Mi-8 tab, and I've flown about 20 missions in the Spring Tension campaign :(
  11. That sinking feeling... Oooh, chills. Great model that Mi-8, and with the campaign that comes with it, never thought simple transport missions could be so enjoyable. Especially when you also get to engage the enemy from time to time. Makes you appreciate why this heli has been such a big hit with many airforces around the world. Such a workhorse, just stay clear of AAA. Enjoy!
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