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  1. Things do change on airplanes so maybe the functionality of the china hat has changed as well in all those years and it was never actually wrong in the first place for the model we always flew.
  2. ED acknowledged they messed up yesterday by pushing an update that was build the night before without testing before release (there wasn't enough time, testers are not all in house so not always available and 3rd party didn't even have this build to test their module on). If they just stop doing this and delay the patch we wouldn't be here complaining and open beta could still be the preferred platform to fly on. I understand the late night build, I understand that the internal test team is small, I understand they rely on external testers in closed beta's and that they are not always av
  3. Good to see there's an actual plan now. Let's make this happen! I would also like to see a list of reported bugs / errors that are accepted by ED (locked sticky forum post or something) and that they are being worked on and what has been finished. Looking on a forum for issues already reported (or not) is a pain in the but. Especially when bugs reported many months ago are way down the list but have yet to be resolved! Do you folks at ED have such a list available to share?
  4. If it ain't ready by now, it shouldn't be in tomorrow. Make an internal deadline few (or more) days ahead of release. Whats ready then can be released. Items with small non game braking issues can be considered (maybe with a known issue warning in the notes if it can't be fixed fully for release, otherwise boot it to the next release window). Items that are just not ready or have a game braking features should be booted to the next release window. With such workflow you can let people know by friday in the newsletter what is to be released and you work on a more stable environment for t
  5. It is becoming harder and harder to defend your way of development to be honest. Viper was released and many Hornet fans were disappointed with the Viper taking the spotlight. The state of the Viper was also questionable at release to say the least. We were told that both addons would be developed together and that both would take advantaged of using similar functions and systems so that would speed up things. Now F16 is abandoned (last few months it already showed 0 real progress) and Hornet is pushed towards (actually over) end 2020 (Viper was also announced to be pushed out of EA e
  6. Like others have said, hard to tell their prioritization from what has been released in updates vs not yet ready to be released. On the other hand, for me, the whole INS alignment and simulation is impotent. If I am correct, a lot of systems on the F16 depend on the INS alignment, so simulating this correctly will have an impact on all those systems. At least, it should be. I know a lot of people here want to skip this whole INS alignment but for me it is an important step of the startup. At this time the plane also forces me to wait so I take the time to plan my mission, brief a wingman
  7. Happened to me once and it was because alt hold was set on ground. I have it mapped on the throttle and I didn’t reset it before flight.
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4143427&postcount=180
  9. More explained from the legend himself:
  10. I'm up for it although I never fly carrier ops with my F16. If it helps ED, it will help us all to get a better sim in the end. Or some can have a drink or two, fine by me as well.
  11. DCS BIOS confirms lights only go to 80% (value 52428 ) I can set them to 100% with DCS BIOS though (value 65535 ).
  12. Hello, Latest open beta: 1: Instant action, ready on ramp there are no issues 2: following Wags in game startup tutorial there are issues 3: Starting from cold & dark there are issues (SP & MP) I never worked with track files so I hope this is the one. It is Wags startup tutorial. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoOIEWwKfzmwjkRhexc-H4mQZukv?e=5AX31U Short video after startup (should be 1080p soon): Ready on the ramp: CMSD DED page works. All CMS have a bingo set to 10 and messages are on. Cold and dark: CMSD DED page show a bingo of 20 chafs, but when leaving the entry poin
  13. I don't have a track either but had the same issue today in an hosted MP session. I had to cycle the messages on program 1 from on to off to on again.
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