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  1. I haven't fired up the new update yet but are we getting any FPS back comparable to 2.5.5 for VR? I haven't been playing much since I can no longer maintain a minimum of 45fps.
  2. Just wanted to add my +1 to poor performance in VR. Can no longer maintain above 45fps. At least VR zoom is fixed for PiMax, hopefully not related
  3. I had him eject once because I got to close to the edge of the carrier while parking the jet. I wonder if you just un-arm his ejection seat he will not eject?
  4. He should have some random quotes for when using ACLS and/or Auto-Throttle like: 3 wire: Yea my kid does pretty good with training wheels on too. 2 wire: Maybe next time you wake up and actually fly this thing. 1/4 wire: Computers bah, I could do a better job from back here.
  5. I wonder if his RIO finally shouted "Stop teasing it and just stick it in there". :)
  6. When sitting in the RIO seat I can see Iceman constantly rocking the throttles from stop to stop. Probably why the AI gets so bad fuel economy.
  7. I know this is an old thread but I finally visited groom lake I'm shocked that no one called out that these are two Voyager shuttles with correctly matching numbers:
  8. I spent a little bit of time with this and there is certainly an FPS hit for both the VDI and HUD. The HSI has almost no impact. Test scenario: Map: Caucasus Scenario: Quick start Cold and Dark. Smart smoothing OFF (PiMax version of Brain Warp). FPS data from fpsVR DCS client: Steam Open Beta Cockpit Res: 1024 VR headset: PiMax 5k+ in normal FOV Machine config in my sig is up to date. For a base line I first loaded the F18 and noted about 68-70FPS dark. I then loaded the F14 in the same scenario and found I was at 54-58 FPS. I ran the Jester assisted startup and by the ti
  9. OK will do. I just wanted to make sure this isn't known before I spend time getting a better repro.
  10. Is it just me or once INS is complete and the VDI is showing moving Trapezoids frame rate is reduce in VR? I need to spend a bit more time testing this without (brain warp) enabled but Normally I'll lock in at 45fps with no dips on all other modules I play. For the F14 fps seems good until the VDI is fully loaded then I'm dropping into the low 40s or even 30s. Not bad once I get off the ground but still very odd. Is this known or maybe something else going on with the F14 modules?
  11. I've had the F18 module for a while and just started messing with the F14. The F14 will feel very analog when you get in it. More difficult to fly, more difficult to even startup and get off the ground, etc. It lacks the intuitive MFDs and other more modern features. But hey buy it anyhow and throw on some Kenny Loggins and enjoy. The A10 was my first module and I really liked it. You just have to be in the mind set of I'm flying low and slow and knowing your only job is to rain down terror on the ground.
  12. Finally had a little bit of time to test this no real FPS difference and I think it was a little easier to get the mask right using the oval.
  13. This has been the best VR FPS gain for me: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215373 Would be nice if ED looked at some of the changes here and implemented them so that it would be compatible with all MP servers. It would be interesting to compare it on both OB and Release to stock. See if OB gets even more of a boost. I have steam so it is a pita to switch back and forth.
  14. Cool that did make the shape a bit closer to what is in the visible area. These are the values I ended up with: #define MASKSIZE_X 0.590f // PiMax Normal FOV ~150 #define MASKSIZE_Y_FACTOR 0.86f [/Code] The PiMax does seem to have a flatter top and bottom than the oblong oval: And my mom said I would never be an artist ;) Probably not worth investing any more time on it since the perf gain would be negligible at best, if any. Thanks for doing the work on this. This mod has a bigger impact on performance then the map changes that went into the OB.
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