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  1. Is still valid. Look for the latests reports this month.
  2. After todays OB update it seems this bug is fixed. I was testing it with 12 Manpads in a very narrow circle shooting at the same time almos 6-8 of them. 10 Tests in a row, not a single crash. So im quite sure is fixed now. Thats the good news. The bad news is that it seems after the first voley of missiles detected by the MWS the alert is not working anymore for the next voleys. It seems the MWS stops working. I need to test it more turning off and turning on the D2A but the tests ive done not a single one the system worked after the first alerts.
  3. I think this could mean the same as "wrong". Dont you think? But please make your own research and evaluation, you have plenty of data to use from real charts. I can provide you a copy.
  4. Im not saying the Bis is wonderful. Im saying is DIFFERENT, from Vietnam War versions. Vietnam 21's had less engine thrust but also talking in general, were lighter, nimble, more handly than the Bis. the older the version, the lighter more nimble were. The Bis was a great update with a very powerful engine, faster and better T/W ratio but at an overall cost of beeing heavier and not so nimble. Also the previous Phantom versions to the E were absolutely turning bricks so even a Mig-21 inside a Phantom pilots mind should seem like Ali punching Foreman all around. But the real champions of turning fights were the Mig-17.
  5. Everything is on books out there but saying the MF is the same as the Bis.....Not arguments, just facts. MF Engine R13-300 ( Thrust around 9000 lbf dry - 14.000 lbf AB ) Bis Engine R25-300 ( Thrust around 12.000 lbf dry - 15.500 lbf AB - 22.000 lbf in Max AB ) Bis upgrades: Aerodinamically cleaner fuselage spine, changes in fuel load for better perfomance, new SAU system, Lazur-Polyot equipment, RP-22M Radar, better ASP-PFD sight for increasing G tolerance while using the cannon, etc. So , not the same plane, not the same FM, not the same flight perfomance at all. If you want to do the job i can link here the real Mig-21 Bis manual with plenty of perfomance charts so you can take that reference information, climb on the Mig-21 inside DCS and make some flight test comparing the real charts with DCS numbers. Then came back and share your tests here. Then we can talk about numbers, charts, perfomances and FM. Not feelings. You can start with this, is quite famous around this forums, and the DCS Bis quite acurated to it.
  6. Vietnam War Mig-21 were MiG-21F-13, Mig21PFL, Mig-21 PFM and MiG-21MF. No Mig-21Bis. So before judging the Bis FM try to read something about the same model we have, not previous versions with diferent engines, weight, thrust, internal fuel capacity and so on and so for.
  7. I will try to help you Mustang with what i consider the perfect finish for you already awesome textures. What i like most from 1.18 is the uneven terrain, the variety of surfaces, textures, colours, finishes all around the ground. And what i like from your latest version is the excellent new grain or noise of the surface, is like having grass without the need of turning it on, im not native english so is difficult to describe but the latests versions have a terrian more sharpen, noisy and defined. A mix from 1.18 uneven surfaces and this extra noisy-granny-sharpen surface could be fantastic. Some shots from 1.18 about things i like a lot. And the details down flying Also i like more the rocky finish from 1.18.
  8. Tested the latest one and i understand why you, Mustang like it, but for me 1.18 is just perfect. Thanks a lot for your efforts.
  9. Of course, always glad to test new sets, im on ¡¡¡
  10. The Mig-23 used in the 4477th in Tonopah were Mig-23MS a very much downgraded version of the Russian Mig-23M. No IRST, no R-23, RP-22SM Radar and only R-3S/R and R-60 missiles and very poor BFM perfomance. The ML-MLA versions were much better, with a redesign of the airframe, reduced weight, less drag and better aerodynamics rated to 8.5G, better engine with more thrust/weight ratio and overall better maneuverability. Also the radar was improved, R-24 missiles added, better HUD and ECM resistance. The best BFM Mig-23 was the Mig-23MLD of course, with improved AoA handling, vortex generators in the wings and pitot boom, better FCS, avionics and radar. So a Mig-23MS cant BFM better than a F-111 but a MLA-MLD is a completly different thing. Is like comparing the Mig-21F from 4477th with the last Mig-21Bis variants.
  11. Is already included in the bug tracker. Thanks guys.
  12. Go outside and enjoy some sunshine. Its a beautiful day.
  13. Again. Manual tuning IS WORKING. Not as before but you can make it work: Just change VHF to manual and then MOVE one rotary to any number to make the frequency change. Then move back to desired frequency. Same to came back to Preset. Change to preset and then move the Channel selector once to make the display show the change. With this im not saying this is correct, just how you can turn arond the issue.
  14. Ok =DECOY= This is a track recorded with the FPS hit we are talking about. The first 20 minutes is just a flight going high and doing orbits around 29.000 feet. The next 10 minutes i was flying low doing different things with the FPS counter activated. 1.- Flying INSIDE Radar Altimeter readings with Radar Alt ON cuts my FPS from 60 to 40, heavy stutter moving my head and choppiness all around. 2.- Flying INSIDE Radar Altimeter readings with Radar Alt OFF makes my FPS recovered inmediatly. 3.- Flying INSIDE Radar Altimeter readings with Radar Alt ON but BANKING until the readings get lost makes the FPS recover. Returning to wings level INSIDE Radar Altimeter Readings with Radar Alt ON makes the FPS hit again. 4.- Starting low with FPS hit and going high until the Radar Alt readings are outside the radar altitude limits makes the FPS recovering again. 5.- Flying high outside Radar Alt readings limits with FPS normal and going low, the moment the Radar alt starts the readings makes the FPS again going low again. https://mega.nz/#!RFAXCCpK!doHSeaEgs_crjdBPJqTk4uZhj7VtD1CYOdqQVZYfNKQ Thanks a lot for your time looking at this.
  15. I will help with that Decoy. Later i will attach one to help you. Thanks for your interest.
  16. Im experience the same. After a long Hight altitude flight going low with Radar Alt ON is cutting my FPS to half, from steady 60 to 30.
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