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  1. Thanks Taz for taking your precious time updating your mod. I can't live without your vehicle smoke column.
  2. Just a bump of this Bug. Release DCS version updated, same overlaping bug on the stores page:
  3. Hi Barthek. Would you consider making a Low Terrain Textures version of this mod? I need to fly with Low Terrain Textures to be able to use Syria with my limited computer ( aged and 16G Slow DDR3 RAM ) but this wonderful mod only works withe the High Textures Terrain option. I understand if this is a lot of work only for a limited audience but if you dont mind asking me for that. Thanks.
  4. Its working, im doing that always with Open beta because smaller SSD. Glad to help.
  5. Thanks Mustang. As always improving DCS visual experience with top quality mods.
  6. Next time maybe just uninstall one map like Persian Gulf , Update, and then reinstall that map.
  7. Top mod, top team. One of the greatest ship mods out there. Used everyday on our Squad.
  8. It seems in the new version if a Tunguska is loaded, guns and missiles are pointed upwards going through Hercules fuselage. Also when droping cargo now a message spawns on the top right corner of the screen.
  9. I know is not the best solution but nvidia drivers 442.19 solves the problem completly. They are very stable on my rig with good overall perfomance. Worth a try.
  10. This is just glorious. Beeing away from posting for a long time but this mod deserves a picture cover. Mustang Shaders also. Barthek this is just amazing. Spring and Autumm could be just great. THANKS MATE ¡¡
  11. Thanks, your reaction explains a lot of things happening all over the forum. Expected, but sad. Thats why so many veteran users are avoiding the forums more and more. And why im posting less and less after so many years here since Flanker 2.5 times. (15 years around this forums) Some will be happy, im not but certainly i will keep my activity with my Squad mates. I just have enough of this. Thanks again.
  12. Late activation is not the same as the hide option. You can make SAM spawning after mission starts and still make it hidden on the map using the special options
  13. Hide them in the mission editor. Not the perfect solution but at least some you can do.
  14. Im not denying bugs, issues, features not implemented, long developments. Is obvious. Im pointing HOW some express that here on the forums. Is not so hard beeing positive, constructive criticism, mature behaviour, beeing helpful reporting bugs and issues. Hey just observing forum rules. Thats all. Even beeing emotional, expressing frustrations is OK. Nothing against but hey, respect please, is the only thing im asking here. Again calling developers liars is not the way to go. Just my oppinion
  15. You are mixing bugs, features not implemented yet and user errors all together. (some are exclusive ED side) You already know that. But hey... kindly saying, keep calling developers liars... Thats very helpful.
  16. A classic... The typical passive-agressive behaviour repeated over and over again. Jeezzzz... Kindly saying... You know....
  17. Posting at least a track is very helpful for devs to take a look. Thats always a good first step reporting issues. If you ask me this is the correct place to report it. https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=594
  18. Notice an issue and solving that issue based on data obtained from a valid observation test are diferent things. Maybe you can be more helpful next time apart from megalols comments
  19. Is obvious for me that the fully automated test case tool used wasnt ready before. So the quick tests that now are possible were not available during the development process, making fine adjustments very time consuming.
  20. Without a track, a video, pics, something to take a look is very hard to determine if this is a bug or not.
  21. Dont you think this question is out of the MLO thread OP? I've followed the pics inside the manual to bind the HOTAS functions and all are working for me.
  22. Esac_mirmidon


    Is a great mod. The only issue is you need to find a perfect flat terrain to put the plate, but is working great, beeing able to refuel and rearm with just the mod, no vehicles needed. But some trucks adds more inmersion.
  23. Esac_mirmidon


    You can use the Marston mod by Suntsag to refuel and rearm anywhere on the map. Roads included.
  24. Thanks DECOY. Good news, waiting for the french trip debrief..
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