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  1. Strange, tested on my end and i see the missing texture. I will try to edit the lua by myself.
  2. Hey guys, by mistake i´ve found a texture conflict with this mod. The Refueler vehicle, inside WW-Re-Fueler.lua has a destroyed texture calling "gaz-66_p_1.edm" This edm files enters conflict with the stock GAZ-66 truck so when you destroy this stock truck the destroyed texture is missing creating a green square missing texture file around the GAZ-66. i´ve tested changing the edm for the Refueler, changing it for example with the tractor destroyed edm one and the issue is gone. So if you could be so kind to take a look and use another edm for the refueler to avoid conflicts with the stock GAZ-66 i will be very pleased. Thanks a lot.
  3. Yes you can edit with notepad++ the file DCS-SRS-OverlayGameGUI.lua inside saved games/dcs/scripts in the line 69
  4. Thanks for taking in count this Cobra.
  5. The more videos im seeing the more i think hiding the stick as an options is more needed. I see jabbers, ralfidude, etc always leaning to the side to be able to look the lower screen. So please HB make the stick be hideable, please...
  6. Tested on latest OB. Frontal Miniguns worked as always when i send the Fire command with the correct Key combo. Side Doors miniguns worked as always when i send the Fire command with the correct Key combo.. Both short burst-long burst-ROE working as intended. No bug here.
  7. I cant agree more with you. Please give us at least 8-10 cold spawning client slots at the same time.
  8. The pilot MUST accept any RIO before beeing able to enter the rear cockpit. Is not possible to jump inside directly. Edit. Sniped!
  9. Zero communication when you are talking directly now with Razbam and feedbacking at you personally? It seems you have choose the other way, good luck. Is sunday here, going for a walk. Bye.
  10. You can hide units on the mission editor that will not be visible in the Abriss
  11. Thats OK. I hope you will find yourself this is only a hobby we are all in for fun and getting angry a sunny sunday morning in front of a screen is not my way to go. Cheers mate.
  12. I suggest you to take a look not only here but also the bug tracker, Facebook page and Discord channel. You will have a complete picture about what is going on and find Razbam is making a good feedback. Anyway, as i suggested, find your own path about it.
  13. No no, thanks to you Joey. Thats your baby, mate
  14. You can take a look at mine. description.lua
  15. If you dont know how to do it, mine is ready.
  16. Joey, this mod is simply great. A must for almost any condition. For me the sweet spot is the V2 version, just right mate. Thanks a lot for it. I could suggest you to mount the mod for Cockpit selection compatibility inside DCS special options for the Mirage?
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