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  1. Thanks DECOY. Good news, waiting for the french trip debrief..
  2. I hope in the near future the Mig-29A could be available.
  3. The link for this skin is no longer available, any chance to get it again?
  4. Weapon position. XD... Sorry couldnt resist.... Is a fix for some weapons that are attached incorrectly on pylons, to much inside.
  5. We are not worried, we are trying to help catching issues and reporting it. They have posted fixed files for the weapons issue after some reports, and the wingtip issue is also identified.
  6. Auto hover working as always here. Be sure you are meeting the parameters to enter autohover
  7. Thats Amazing!!! Nice touch the open bay doors. Thanks mate.
  8. Some updates/fixes didnt came with the OB, they will come in the next update.
  9. The cockpit light is there, i´ve taked pics from Release and latest OB to compare and the change is very noticeable and welcomed. Try to take some screenshots and compare yourself.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Try not to forget a third time, you now how easy pitchs and forks are raised.... XD.
  11. It seems some of the updated features included in todays OB changelog didnt make it on the files downloaded. 1.- Still GBU12 and GBU-16 wrong pylon position 2.- Still KC-135 MPRS and KC-130 winngtip contrails not correct Thanks for taking a look.
  12. Well i dont know if a 1080 with 8G VRAm + 16G RAM DDR3 is enough to handle or not. Thats my config and is running this mod really fine. Never happen to me a crash because running out of memory. Also im using process lasso at the start of any MP mission to clear some RAM and handle the session. Runs great for me, and my PC is outdated, i5 2500K so...
  13. Is more on the RAM usage side, is fairly noticeable the increase in RAM used. But no FPS hits.
  14. So the benefit is very small... Well it seems the full potential for dedicated server is having a dedicated machine. Thanks HC.
  15. Is possible to run a dedicated server and fly as a client from the same machine? Or you need one PC for the dedicated server and another for flying.?
  16. Not going that way, thanks. Great sunny day here to go for a walk
  17. Any perfomance hit we should expect because this 8k textures?
  18. One of the best sets ever. This should be official content for sure. Thanks a lot Mustang.
  19. Feel free to express yourself always everywhere but please try not to be repetitive. Thats all mate.
  20. This is the third time on three diferent threads you have said the same about stop whinning and moving on doing something else. We will see a fourth?
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