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  1. We can consider the Stennis a FC fidelity level item. XD
  2. FC3 modules, as far as i know, are using true North like the F-10 map. Only DCS level modules are able to use magnetic headings
  3. I think there is no todays update. The one planned for today came on wednesday
  4. And is working GREAT, The help for mission editors is INMENSE. Thanks ED,
  5. Just DELETE the -- in front of the green line to activate it.
  6. The AI problem is something this mod is not guilty. It was present before. So good news fellas !!!
  7. Tested and the spawn is working good again, no under carriage damage, so looks good. BUT. When any LHA mod is inside tech folder the original Tarawa spawn is broken, because the Harrier spawns way to high over the deck and when falling down the under carriage is damaged. So the stock Tarawa is useless.
  8. I will try this ASAP and report here.
  9. Change language in special options. Load a mission, exit, and change again to your former language option.
  10. Target Designator Cursor
  11. The engines, like in real life , are a litle desync between so the reaction when you add power are a little different. What you see is the nozzle of one engine reacting a little before the other when changing the throttle position.
  12. Its possible to make the same changes for Nevada? I will appreciate an increase in sharpness
  13. Esac_mirmidon

    16.4 Max G

    Maybe a hard landing making the plane shaking and a wrong reading?
  14. Nice bug catch. Thanks Flagrum
  15. Just tryed on 2.5.2 and Simple Radio is working nicely on the Huey, on all radios, included VHF AM. So is a 2.5.0 issue only. Thanks again Ciribob.
  16. The Huey VHF problem comes with and still present in This is in 2.5.0 since and also The problem is: You turn ON the VHF AM radio and the volume is all the way down. When you move the left knob the first digits of the frequency are moving as always BUT when you move the right knob the frequency numbers AND the radio volume changes. With every turn of the right knob you change the frequency AND the volume and when the volume is maxed and you turn again the rotary the volume goes to zero again. Máster volume only changes UHF and FM radios. Tested yesterday with both and on 2.5.0 Release. Thanks Ciribob
  17. Planned for future updates
  18. Fixed in the changelog. Your suspicious are wrong.
  19. Thanks for the panties information. Very useful
  20. In the TAC 050 manual is ONLY described the use of E and F Mavs. No other version included
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