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  1. Thanks a lot Taz, really appreciated.
  2. Taz, could you be so kind to point me what are the files name for the longer ship wake effect alone? I want to test only the ship wake using just the files involved from your mod. Thanks mate.
  3. Are you using Open Beta? Its only available on OB
  4. SPOT ON ¡¡¡¡ Now is working flawlessly. Thanks for taking your time fixing it and for your kind patience T-Pap
  5. Yes. And it seems im not the only one. Is very strange only with the other British Carriers, the Ocean shows on the list.
  6. Man, you are working quite fast, taking in count railing hates. XDD
  7. Thanks Rudel but the time frame icon is not ticked. Is something else. Only having the Invincible and the Illustrious inside mods folder makes the Ocean shows in the list.
  8. Thanks for the tip Marroux. PD: No luck here. Inserted the seacat.lua file inside the Ocean folder, still no ship on the editor´s list.
  9. The new version still doesnt work alone, without HMS Illustrious or HMS Invincible. Not on the editor´s list.
  10. This is very strange. WITHOUT HMS Invincible and Illustrious, the HMS Ocean doesn´t show on the editor. WITH both carriers on tech, HMS ocean DID show.
  11. I´m still have that problem. Folder renamed but the ship is not visible on the editor.
  12. Amazing skin, outstanding quality. Thanks mate.
  13. As the title said. If i use DATA page from the EHSD to create several Targets, in this case in UTM format, is not possible to selecto on the ODU multiple TGTs to release Jdams in salvo mode. The track attached is simple. Created 4 TGTs in the DATA page, using UTM format. All TGTs are recognized by the system ( T1-T2-T3-T4) Selected AG, Master Arm, WDESG selected. Pressing J82 to enter FUZE options. TGTs page on the ODU. Is not possible to select all 4 targets for a salvo release. Only one by one with WINCR long and then changing every target with WINCR short. It should be possible as other TGTs created with TPOD and TOO format, or TV. TPOD-TV-TOO works ok for salvo release in multiple TGTs EHSD-DATA TARGETS NO MULTI SELECTION.trk
  14. ABRIS in Russian is: Aвиационной Бортовой Радиотехнической Интегрированной Системы АБРИС That means something like: Aviation onboard radio engineering integrated system
  15. Im ready to test It, Admiral. Send me the files if you are so kind.
  16. I think overall the fix is worthy. The benefits of the shaders pack plus the fix you provided is a very good compromise in most situations. Its true that sometimes the sharpen effect is to much. But IS good enough for me. Thanks mate for the fix
  17. Nope. When a model is calling a texture that is missing, that green digital pattern shows instead to let you know something is not where it should be inside textures folder or the name is wrong.
  18. Thanks for that testing. I love Mustang shaders but not so much the ghosting effect. I will try your fix to see if the sharpen reflections are to much.
  19. Thanks Admiral for your dedication and commitment. The EDM file you shared is just a perfect spawn point , so maybe just focus on the texture problem with that EDM.
  20. The Marroux link has working Textures perfectly but the spawn point on the deck is a little too low, breaking the landing gear when unpausing. Those are pics of the amount of sink before pause quit.
  21. Its the same for me. The edm file fixes the higher spawn point over the deck but texture issues appears on some parts of the model
  22. Tested on my end, Admiral, but again, Harriers are now perfectly parked on the deck, not floating, but textures issues all over the place again.
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