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  1. ABRIS in Russian is: Aвиационной Бортовой Радиотехнической Интегрированной Системы АБРИС That means something like: Aviation onboard radio engineering integrated system
  2. Im ready to test It, Admiral. Send me the files if you are so kind.
  3. I think overall the fix is worthy. The benefits of the shaders pack plus the fix you provided is a very good compromise in most situations. Its true that sometimes the sharpen effect is to much. But IS good enough for me. Thanks mate for the fix
  4. Nope. When a model is calling a texture that is missing, that green digital pattern shows instead to let you know something is not where it should be inside textures folder or the name is wrong.
  5. Thanks for that testing. I love Mustang shaders but not so much the ghosting effect. I will try your fix to see if the sharpen reflections are to much.
  6. Thanks Admiral for your dedication and commitment. The EDM file you shared is just a perfect spawn point , so maybe just focus on the texture problem with that EDM.
  7. The Marroux link has working Textures perfectly but the spawn point on the deck is a little too low, breaking the landing gear when unpausing. Those are pics of the amount of sink before pause quit.
  8. Its the same for me. The edm file fixes the higher spawn point over the deck but texture issues appears on some parts of the model
  9. Tested on my end, Admiral, but again, Harriers are now perfectly parked on the deck, not floating, but textures issues all over the place again.
  10. As intended. This is how it works in real. At least they said so
  11. Yo diría que a cuartos incluso, a veces. El estado lamentable en que sacaron el F-16 en Early Access es de juzgado de guardia. El Early Access me parece justificado por muchas razones. Obtienes financiación para seguir desarrollando los proyectos, acceso temprano a una cantidad de usuarios mayor para detectar y corregir Bugs, etc. Pero no puede ser una excusa para sacar productos tan verdes como el F-16, que era un cascarón vacío de sistemas, sin modelo de daños, ni el más básico. Early Access si pero un mínimo de contenido también. Así que si, el procedimiento de ED es sacar las cosas a medias. Para lo bueno y para lo malo.
  12. Absolutely EPIC ¡¡¡ How many client slots it have? PD: It seems player´s Harrier position above the deck is a little high.
  13. It seems everything is solved now. Not a single FPS issue with the San Antonio. Thanks mate, appreciated your effort to make navy mods growing.
  14. Thanks a lot for taking care of that issue. I will redownload the San Antonio again and let you know how it works now.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Im asking because the FPS problems with the San Antonio. At least on my end that ship caused some stutters when moving the view around or flying around very close with helicopters for example. And looking at the USS America size.....
  16. Amazing USS America Admiral ¡¡¡ Congrats. How is this beauty on FPS? Good performance ?
  17. Glad you sorted it, enjoy.
  18. Add the mission file not working and i will take a look.
  19. Yes It is. Just be sure the first Super Carrier WP is in motion. Dont start It at zero speed.
  20. For me its ok. I can figure out versions of the EF with Meteors but no AG with no real Tranche Version counterpart, just as something that is posible but not "real". Content, usability, feasibility are good arguments. Good luck with the Real Operational Police Department.
  21. Agree but Tranche 2 are A-G capable. Thats why i think HB is taking some kind of excessive care not confirming AG stuff. It should come as a normal evolution of the EF sooner or later. Thats why i preffer a Tranche 1 only AA first no Meteor at Early Access and only when HB is sure they can model a 2/15 EF, introduce the Meteor and the AG complement. AA only EF makes no sense with Meteors.
  22. This is exactly my feelings about Maps. Nothing more, nothing better.
  23. The final part of the video is a landing in......... SOCHI ¡¡¡¡
  24. Thanks for sharing Eduardo. Works perfect now. This is an amazing ship with a lot of potential on missions.
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