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  1. Thank you for being forthcoming with whats going and also tempering expectations. I hope you guys get the docs you need, I may or may not have some Mig-29SMT / SMP stuff laying around if you want...
  2. That is really cool, I had no idea there were so many. Heres a cool little resource that shows some maps with SAM placement in East Germany as well. http://geimint.blogspot.com/2008/08/ddr-air-defense-cold-war-case-study.html
  3. tbh I'd be much more interested in an Su-17/20/22
  4. Ok so I just tried something. While playing DCS, its choppy and jittery, just kind of a mess. But if I Alt-Tab to make DCS not the selected window, then it comes butter smooth. Although I can't control the airplane, just look around. So it has something to do with DCS being the active selected window I guess.
  5. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with HAGS? is that the USB power settings? Ok and I've also reached out to the SteamVR staff, and they are saying its a pitool issue. Here some more system info, in the very rare chance that somebody from ED actually tries to address this. The frame time graphs are on the Syria map in the Mig-29A, the rolling file is doing aileron rolls, the level one is just flying straight and level with the autopilot. As you can tell, there is no reprojection happening, at all. simulator-rig.nfo
  6. Sorry, I just saw this subforum for VR problems. I just upgraded from a 1080ti to a 6900XT, and it seems that motion smoothing no long functions, if full hmd refresh rate isn't achieved it becomes very choppy. If I turn on the pitool smart smoothing with the 6900XT the game becomes "smooth" but its a blurry mess with a "double" image being put into both eyes making everything just extremely blurry. Its a DCS specific problem (I haven't experienced it with any other software), I've already reached out to the pitool support staff and they say its a DCS issue. https:/
  7. So I upgrade from the 1080ti to the 6900XT, but for some reason motion smoothing doesn't work in DCS, but it works in other titles, its get jittery and choppy when hmd refresh rate isn't achieved. Also when I turn on the Pimax smart smoothing feature that is supposed to smooth out the game like motion smoothing, it makes the game extremely blurry like a double image is being put into both eyes. This only happens in DCS, other titles work perfectly fine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RmsCt7paPAIfzvUepwzuze8VG1dBw8jm/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kJ
  8. The purpose was the intercept nuclear bombers. So not meant for fighting things that shoot back. In fact if my memory serves right the GCI could even turn on your radar, lock the target, whole shebang, everything except release the weapon. Those old school intercept designs were definitely purpose built. But the system in those old F-102/106 planes was alot more advanced then an autopilot that just flies straight, it would literally fly your entire flight plan, all the way to intercept, all the way back, the computer in it was really big, like, it took a very large volume lol.
  9. Well yea, you're correct for certain time periods, I only mention Air Superiority and Air Supremacy because thats what your average flight simmer knows and thinks, the discussion isn't about US/NATO style air doctrine, but Soviet style, and how Lazur fits in. And the PVO is unique for its organization as a separate branch from the VVS, and its different organization comes from a different mission, hence a different doctrine, and differently equipped aircraft. If you want to argue that the VVS and PVO have the same doctrine, you are completely wrong.
  10. So to really understand Lazur, you first have to wrap your head around the difference in doctrine between the western "air superiority" or as we like to say nowadays "air supremacy", And the Soviet PVO doctrine which was strictly defensive in nature. The backbone of the PVO wasn't really its aircraft, but rather is IADS/EW system, which was arguably the best in the world throughout most if not all of its existence. Interlocking webs of different air defenses to cover strategically important areas. Now the Soviet Union was also very large, much bigger then would be economically or t
  11. Fun fact, in the US the F-102 / F-106 interceptors could be flown by the GCI from take off to the target and all the way back to landing, with the pilot only pressing the weapon release. From an interview this was not done in practice too often, but it was designed with the capability and it worked.
  12. Bombers, Attack Aircraft, can't simulate a WW2 air war without them. After there are some WW2 naval assets in the game, then some Naval aircraft would be nice.
  13. Did I hear F-104S-ASA ? But really I'd love any F-104.
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