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  1. Looks amazing, just please don't pull and heatblur and make it so dirty the everything is unreadable for the VR guys.
  2. I think some could carry 3, 2 under wings and 1 under fuselage, never saw pictures of it but I remember seeing a hardpoint loadout schematic showing one of the versions carrying 3, can't remember which one.
  3. Hey man I run an 8kx as well, I have this little executable that will re-write the steamvr.settings file to give you the same steam vr settings between restarts, just open it, and press Y 3 times and it resets everything,, else disables some of the steam crap that degrades image quality. Its also sort off a poor mans way to disable the steam vr auto resolution scaling. you do have to run the executable every time you restart steam vr though. You're getting about double my frames running an 8600k 5.1ghz, ,3200mmhz cl14, and 10800ti OC. I have to run in upscaled mode to be playable. But in
  4. Thats a funny looking F-104S..... :)
  5. Hey Mustang, this is great man. I just installed it but I'm also using kegetys vr shader mod, and either this one overwrites some files in that one or the other way around. Do you think you could make a version that kind of meshes will the VR shader mod?
  6. I finally got the Pimax 8kX unmatched clarity, its 2 4k screens, 1 for each eye. the FoV is adjustable from 90 degrees up to 170 degrees. My only gripe is performance, but you can run it in 8kk+ mode, which lowers the input resolution and upscale to the dual 4k displays, but I haven't had to do it so far. Compared to my OG Vive, 5k+ and Reverb, the 8kX blows them all out off the water. It just takes alot of horsepower to run.
  7. Wags as an ED employee talking about a fundamental change to DCS. Saying the "possible" loadouts are now a go. I think its a little bit bigger then HARMS.
  8. Well, Since it seems like DCS is changing into a "technically possible" loadout simulator. Refencing Wags post here about 4 harms and not to mention the damage your own elevators triple rack mavs (on the F-16). Since this seems to be the direction of DCS for better or worse. Lets talk about whats technically possible for other aircraft. I will reference this image. It would appear to be technically possible to mount 4 R27Rs on the Mig-29A. Will this happen in DCS now as well?
  9. I thought the topic was technically possible payloads.
  10. I pretty much only fly pvp mp, so I don't really know how the AI works, but.... the OP is damn funny lol :)
  11. I can't tell if this guy is a troll or is like a kid without a clue.... or an adult with some broken mental faculties.... Reminds me of BFM Bar.... *sigh*
  12. I write my own lua to customize my autostart to be the quickest possible and to setup my avionics the way I like it.
  13. Mig-25PD or PDS please. could even branch it out into the BM and RBT variants.
  14. Yea that was a great thing. I really liked the try before you buy aspect of it. Even got a few of my non dcs buddies to download and play.
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