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  1. Hello, I've recently come across a bug that seems to be related to the guidance of cluster glide bombs. I have done some testing with the JSOW-A and the GB-6 SFW and the results seem to be consistent across the board. While the normal variants of these weapons (JSOW-C and GB-6 HE) guide perfectly fine when launched within range, the cluster variants have a way higher descent rate and therefore fall short of the target. They also appeard to keep on making small corrections during flight, while the normal variants glide perfectly still. With the GB-6, the issue can be circumvented by setting the impact azimuth. This does not work with the JSOW-A however. I have attached following tests as track files: 2x GB-6 SFW with impact azimiuth set 2x GB-6 SFW without impact azimuth set GB-6 SFW and HE being launched in one go JSOW-A and C being launched in one go 1x JSOW-A with impact azimuth set and one without jsowaVsJsowc.trk jsowAWithAndWithoutAzimuth.trk gb6SFWvsHE.trk gb6WithoutAzimuth.trk gb6WithAzimuth.trk
  2. My game crashes when I join a server and then proceed to load in a plane. I have tried the following planes: F18, Viggen and A10C. Singleplayer works fine, it's just multiplayer where this happens. I have also noticed that when this occurs that it crashes or freezes my Discord aswell. Thanks for any help.
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