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  1. Please remember, for Razbam todo anything need a track file at the very least.
  2. I can not comment for Razbam, but it is public knowledge that Batltic Dragon is doing the manual, and as such I am sure he will cover it.
  3. worth a look, as an overview
  4. Deamon this is user error make sure you are mot in ins mode on the tpod by double SSD, this will switch you TPOD, in ins you are moving the point on ehsd. Which the tpod tracks to. Here is an useful over view of the changes.
  5. I believe stable and ob are concurrent at the moment
  6. Series of 3 knobs right hand side of right mfd, the rwr valume is there and works
  7. I rack should be as small a file as possible, set up a simple mission so you can demonstrate the problem, to need for enemy's, and i would suggest air start if possible, the best tracks I see show the problem in the first 30 seconds
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