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  1. I have had the (new Logitech model) X56 for a few years now and love it. The points Caldera raises above sound like each of the HOTAS and Stick are not getting enough power. A solution that many others have raised in the past is that ideally you should have a powered USB hub. I have some issues as you have Caldera, though it's seldom. My MB has a lot of powered USB ports on it so that may be why it's less of an issue for me. Today I might bring home a spare powered hub I have at work and try it out at home for the week. I'm interested in your 2 stage trigger pull.
  2. I use the Throttle side for TDC and the stick side for directional flares. As above, in the G software you have to set the Joystick stick to bands. I use the last band (66-100%) for changing CMS programs or releasing CMS. That way a small bump doesn't trigger an action.
  3. Hi Team, My PC currently has OB installed from a Steam account. I would like to have Stable and OB installed at the same time and have access to all my assets in each. I recall I could do this a while back. I seem to recall the Stable version accessed my Beta install for the assets. So how do I go about it? I just downloaded Stable from ED and it is not recognising my assets. Thank you for your assistance.
  4. maybe I am not doing it right ... do you have a current tutorial you can guide me to?
  5. Sorry I can't answer your post and hope someone can. Perhaps you can help me? Is it possible to currently prog the Viper to dispense just one flare and chaff with the press of the switch like I can do with the F18 Hornet? I've read the tutorials etc but it still dispenses a wasteful 20 with each trigger action.
  6. Tried this today and it works very well. My strafing accuracy is about 75% better now. For my shim I used a potion of thin plastic trimmed out of a heat molded transparent berry tray. Some biscuit trays may work too. Mine at ~2cm lone is quite snug ought to be thinner so I can make it longer one to circumference the gimble stalk entirely. A complete circumference would mean I no longer have a stiffer side of the X/Y directions. To reduce the newly introduced friction, I recommend a drop of silicon oil or some silicon spray. Avoid WD40 etc.
  7. I've have had some stick functions not working and I was so worried, love the new X56 stick. Then I remembered that the stick screws off to expose all those important contacts. After unplugging the USB cable, I unscrewed the stick and carefully screwed it back into place and the stick was back to normal again after that. Next time I take it apart, I will apply a small amount of silicon oil to the screw thread so it tightens smoothly.
  8. I first purchased the X52 2 years ago and recently upgraded to the latest X56. The X56 is a significant jump for game experience. Initial working with the Logitech/Saitek software was a bit of a challenge at first, but I have logic programming background and find it is a very useful tool and the only tool that will permit (please let me know of another) that will enable the Mode switch to unmask additional switch/dial bindings. A great function of the software is that is allows the user to program zones for dials, throttle and lot more. Its a pity there are not more tutorials on how to use
  9. I use Chucks Guide as a starting point then add in a few of my own. flaps and landing gear are reserved for keyboard use only (no sense in wasting switches is there!)
  10. I also found that reinstalling the software fixed a few issues I had: First issue I found that may only be relative to me was that the mini sticks showed a lot of noise (detected movement when not being moved manually). A reinstall fixed that. I also had my stick not respond well and appear to lose profiles after the May Win10 update. I reinstalled the drivers & software and all was fixed again. Hope the above helps others.
  11. After use (a few weeks) it will stay smooth and loose. If mine sits for 20min it is slightly firm again but smooths out with one activation.
  12. My throttle is from the batch released in July 2019. After a lot of reading on the web I found that after a week or two the throttle loosens up nicely. To loosing it up: rotate the tension control toward you fully, remembering to not over tighten when you go either direction, then wind it back a little. Every day, while in front of the PC whenever you get the chance push and pull the throttle back and forward. After a couple of weeks it's going to be a wonderful throttle. It's much nicer to work with then my previous X52. The sticks downside is that it has a bit of uneven X, Y play t
  13. I found when I first started using the X52PRO they would move around but after some practice, they seldom move about much at all. Seems tk be from the arm movement I use, being not too heavy. I do occasionally use some non slip matting I gained when someone used it to protect a shipped part. That was a great gift as it also helps lock my racing wheel to my desk. I have a very smooth desk and things like to move about easily. https://www.amazon.de/s/?ie=UTF8&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=non-slip%20matting&language=en_GB&tag=googdemozdesk-21&hvadid=194642562
  14. Hi team, I currently own the Logitech X52 Pro HOTAS and am strongly considering purchasing a set of rider pedals. I don't plan on paying on my current HOTAS for some time as I have two sets die to a warranty replacement. Currently for pedals I'm looking at some VKB T-rudder mk iv as they have some good reviews online, are affordable and seem to be a good price. Currently I'm playing DCS (A-10C, F/18, F/14, KA50), IL-2 and occasionally Arma 3. Is anyone else using these pedals or could the team advise me on something similar? I'malso looking art three Thrustmaster TPR pen
  15. H team, I purchased AV8BNA this week and hoping to enjoy it once I can take off! I've been playing several other aircraft with out issue. What happens with the AV8BNA is that when I move the X52 Pro throttle forward and backward the cockpit one does not move and no thrust it applied. I check the key mapping and Num-/Num+ are applied as thrust controls. I can't seem to remap them to the HOTAS. Any ideas?
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