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  1. I played a little with my GFX Card settings. In DCS i´am definetely CPU bound. I have to say that i have a very good performance overall. I run on most servers 80-100fps when airborne. I noticed that a full deck template on the super carrier is a 100% CPU demanding. There´s is this instant mission "full carrier template". When i start on the deck i´am at 38fps. Do i look away from all the static objects the fps is rising up to 70. In all the newer games i dont have any problems. So it seems an upgrade to a 5600x would be not a bad choice. Interesting fact is, that the 2700x an
  2. Ok, then i am limited on the CPU side obviously. Mhhhm, would be interesting if its worth upgrading the 2700x. I think a CPU with a better single core performance could perform better. I am also thinking about about getting a widescreen 1440p monitor. My card can handle it.
  3. I think i should get more FPS when i turn MSAA off. I have around 80-110 fps in the air in a singe player mission with 4x MSAA. Multiplayer is server depending. On the supercarrier mostly around 50-60. If the deck is full with templates it drops to 40. Multiplayer in the Air about 70-90 fps. It doesnt make sense having always the same FPS no matter what i set in MSAA. This usually does affect fps in every game?! btw, what forgot mentioning. I am running DCS @2560x1440p.
  4. Hello you all, i‘ve upgraded my gfx card from an RX580 8GB to a Nitro+ 6800XT. Full specs as following: -x470 msi gaming Plus -2700x @3,9GHZ -32GB 3000MHR DDR4 -sapphire nitro+ 6800XT As you can imagine the new card makes a huge Performance boost compared to the old one. i have a very interesting behaviour regarding MSAA in dcs. I can set it to Off, 2x or either 4X MSAA. it doesn‘t matter if i set MSAA off, 2x or either to 4x i am getting always the exact fps. MSAA does work and the image looks just great on 4x, but i would p
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