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  1. Or simply Copy/Paste a Lat/Long into the UFC
  2. Easy way = fast way, directly from the map.
  3. Is there an easy way to convert a map location into a waypoint ? Hopefully Viper and Hornet.
  4. I left DCS for a few months and now I'm back with a new system and my old settings are gone. Cloud backup is very handy feature.
  5. So after a long time (and a new system build) I'm trying to recover some stuff like the FA-18C radar cursor. Can someone remind me where in the setting I need to look for ? See link for image. https://ibb.co/ZzhgPBq
  6. Unless you are writing 50 gigs a day your ssd will last decades, but if you wish to add a layer of safety then choose one that is MLC or even better an SLC ssd.
  7. max22

    Show FPS

    Hi guys, Is there an easy way to show fps in cockpit mode without a third party software ? I'm on a new PC, no VR. Thanks
  8. I have the Aorus Fi27Q-P, a 1440p monitor and it's phenomenal ! Aorus just released a better 240Hrz version, the FI27Q-X.
  9. I'm looking for this killer feature for so long. Is the AACQ implemented ? not following so much lately. Thanks.
  10. What is the easiest way to remove a module ? I'd like to remove the Nevada and the F-14 to clear some space. I got the Tomcat free for a weekend so it's not like I own the module.
  11. In northern Israel there is the city of Rosh Pina, and there is the Rosh Pina Airport which is missing from the map so it would be nice to see it.
  12. Thanks for posting I enjoyed it a lot.
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