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  1. @Rudel_chw, sabes si la la del A-10C II será gratis para los que ya poseen Enemy Within 3.0? o para todos? Buenas noticias que se podra repetir la campaña con A-10C II Un abrazo!
  2. Why you don't use a Campaign version and no Standalone Missions for DCS? Sometimes it's better see how we can progress in campaigns. I think it's more fun! Thanks for his Red Flag Missions!
  3. Hi! I'm in the second mission of Serpents Head 2 Campaign, and i need help plss: 1. 2 SAM SA-8: OK 2. 2 Artillery: OK 3. Refuel: OK 4. Destroy camp: OK 5. MIG Approaching: IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL!! May be the MIG uses a Radar Missile? I try 4 times and he always kill me... I only have AIM9 Missiles. I need to escape? Or engaged with AIM9? MIG always shoots first. I'm going crazy!
  4. At the begining it´s dificult... but then, you must always use the boat switch and China hat. Must be a natural movements in your hotas...
  5. I think it's a new bug problem or something like that. I have the same problem: Last week I make my SPI with TGP and when i have the "MAN RELEASE" i release the bomb and always hit the target... Now, it's imposible. The bomb always falls 3 meters before... I must release the bomb when the indicator of the CCRP reticule it's in the half position. It's the only way to hit the target,...
  6. Dporter22, You need sanitize the area with your wingmans. Fire missions are diferent and only kill tanks. The pilot it's located in ARCO, it's the same place like Mission 24. Do you played the mission 23 (CSAR Day) and 24 (CSAR Night)? I think you must: 1. Kill target 1 (stationary trucks) 2. Kill target 2 (moving convoy) 3. CAS and C130 Fire Mission 1 4. CAS and C130 Fire Mission 2 5. Sanitize the area in ARCO 6. Send the chopers for rescue the pilot 7. When it's complete (Zulu Zulu Zulu) Request the exit vía Charlie and RTB
  7. Hi Sgilewicz! And finally, could you finish the mission? I have the same problems like you. I want to finish this campaign! Thanks!
  8. Estimado Eduardo! Asunto solucionado! Como siempre agradecido por tu ayuda. Ahora se ejecuta sin problemas el juego y sin advertencias. Saludos!
  9. @swatstar98 ya realice la comprobación de Cache y nada... @andrey1989, la versión Steam no tiene esos puntitos. EN Opciones tampoco esta la opción lamentablemente...
  10. Fue lo primero que hice estimado Eduardo. No aparecen estos módulos... Solo me aparecen los correctamente comprados, nada de versiones free...
  11. Estimados Pilotos, Alguien sabe como eliminar el molesto mensaje que aparece al iniciar DCS, versión STEAM, que dice "Autorización fallida. La autorización es valida por xxx..." Estos modulos fueron los que DCS estaba entregando gratis para probar. Luego caducaron y al parecer algun rastro dejo en el equipo. He revisado todo en Steam, Módulos, Archivos locales, cuenta de DCS, etc. y no logro eliminar el mensaje. :helpsmilie:
  12. Thanks a Lot! What version do you use @Sajarov?
  13. Anyone can pass this training mission? I try a lot, a lot of times and always receive the f%ing message "You don't follow the parameters, You failed this mission..." when i climb to 6000 ft. I always check: - Velocity (215kts) - 5° and 10° climb degress - Follow the correct dial from the VOR of Kutaisi (R-080) - Rotate, Gear UP, Flaps and Landing Lights at the correct time - Trim, trim and more trim I need to know if this mission has a bug or i'm not doing something right. I Use OpenBeta with Steam. THANKS! :thumbup:
  14. Can i use the curtains for IFR instruction flights in Multiplayer? how i can deploy this feature? Thanks!
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