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  1. Eh, well you kind of did in a more eloquent way. What's interesting is during his part 3 (flight) he adjusts rudder trim several times.
  2. If you would, check out what he does/says at 3:56.
  3. Sounds like you have a lot more to learn if you think anything aviation is "boring" :doh::thumbup:
  4. Ha that's crazy! I'm terrible at memorizing. Sounds like some tedious but rewarding work :thumbup:
  5. Ok, so with that if we're going RL. Pilots would need to know how much an AIM-120 or Mk82's for example weigh so they can add that to their total weight? There's no simple readout that tells ya "hey, you're sitting at 35,000lbs" right now :)
  6. Is it possible to view your aircraft weight while in cockpit? Some option under List maybe.. If not, is the rearm/refuel the only other option?
  7. I don't get excited about too many things these days ha, but this model is awesome and one we can see so many people have been waiting for. I still can't believe we have an F16 already. That's insane, crazy work from you ED folks. Thank you, thank you!!:thumbup:
  8. I believe the actual button used is TMS (Target Management System) So to lock using radar, hit TMS Up
  9. Is it possible to switch these two screens and have the HSI on the top and the VDI on the bottom? I can't see the HSI very well because of the joystick and I didn't see a remove joystick option.
  10. Wow, I've never heard of that issue even with the A10 mavs. I'll be following to see if anyone else has this issue.
  11. Does anyone know what that wooden piece is?
  12. Q-Tip91


    Ok, will do. Thank you for the help
  13. My first go around I did. Raised hook and then moved to Cat 1 to takeoff again but I sat there for a few minutes to see if it would pop up and I got nothing.
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