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  1. Yeah for all intents and purposes the Ace Combat titles are action games with zero simulation. Still fun for what they are, but if the games were reskinned into space combat nobody will bat an eye. If MAC has similar fidelity to the old Janes games however I would be immensely stoked.
  2. For what it's worth, I was surprised at how light the Reverb is. Never tried the O+.
  3. Same situation but I have an overclocked 1080 and it seems to run fine. I plan to pick up the upcoming ampere 3xxx as an upgrade which will be using the 7nm fab. If you can wait 6 months or so I would suggest to do the same.
  4. Just picked mine up, and had a bit of fun just setting it up, leaving DCS for last. My rig is only a 3700x with a standard OC'd 1080 GTX but it seems to be quite smooth without switching on reprojection though may change during moments of high activity. Not too fussed right now because all I want to do with my modules is to take off, fly a circuit and land. Funny thing - at first I wasn't too impressed with the clarity as it was a bit blurry. It wasn't three hours later that I realised I have yet to remove the blue protective films from the lenses! And yeah I can definitely see the differe
  5. Just pre-ordered! Like a dream come true, hopefully the F-14 will be supported as early as possible.
  6. Rift S is a bloody good choice I reckon. I only have a 1080 but went for a Reverb because I don’t have interest playing anything other than cockpit sims and also I am planning to upgrade my card next year and want a hmd that is future proof. If for whatever reason it doesn’t fit me I can send it back and pick up a Rift S later.
  7. Guess I'll be looking for a Rift S or a Reverb, can't sacrifice fidelity for portability.
  8. Thanks! So i guess a Rift S would be a better way to go.
  9. Eagerly anticipating some reviews comparing it to Rift S for DCS and other flight sims like Il-2.
  10. Occulus Link will be releasing soon where you can run PC based apps to the Quest via a USB 3.0 cable. It would be great if DCS works as the Quest has slightly higher resolution but I'm not really in the know.
  11. Hey all, I am deciding between the Rift S and the Quest as it is getting a tethered solution soon. Any recommendation for which would be better for DCS?
  12. The OST is straight fire. Love the AB plumes, need to see some shock cones.
  13. Finally pre-ordered! Thank you for the release date. This will be a momentous occasion, hoping for very few launch issues.
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