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  1. Things sometimes break. It sucks when it does. My throttle is 8 years old and the board went bad two months ago and I got a new one within a few days. Easiest repair ever. On the flip side I had rudder pedals that went bad after a week and then the replacements have been flawless for two years. TM is definitely reliable
  2. I'm told by a former F-14 pilot that it wasn't as much an obstruction as it is in the gaming world. It was apparently more visible because of the angle of the pilot's head look down
  3. Sounds like something for Tinder. Sorry, just trying to have some fun
  4. My undertstanding over the years was that the Phoenix was a super long range missile. Even in the manual is talks about the one variant having a minimum range of 60nm. I cant recall a scenarion where ive even come close to launching one before the 60nm range. what am I missing?
  5. Right control+Enter And thanks for taking the time to answer and clear that up
  6. Thank you sir. Glad to see that someone recognized my subtle approach
  7. i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80GHz, 32GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX Ti
  8. Thank you. I should have mentioned that I did that already. it's so bizarre. all the other modules work
  9. Is anyone else suffering through this same problem? F-14 module will not load. It either says failed to build metashader or it just freezes and I get a black screen behind the briefing and then it crashes.
  10. Every time I try and select training, mission or Instant action I get either "failed to load metashader" or it just freezes completely and crashes to desktop. I deleted the metashader files as well as the fxo files, updated the NVidia driver, lowered the graphics settings, and no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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