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  1. I just started getting this. Is there a vid showing how to fix this still up? I don't want to crack the base plate either and mess it up
  2. Any chance the deck crew will get wands for the night lighting? Also better night lighting to better match night ops?
  3. clearly the ground crew in the game have no clue how things supposed to be ha ha. That's why they carry nvg bags
  4. Would be nice if they added wands to the ground crew for night operations.
  5. Does anyone know where the ground crew info is? Wondering because I would like to change the switching of the JHMCS and the NVG's. Not all missions are day or night, most cross over and having that option only in the ground crew menu is stupid to me? Can you change those in flight, I honestly haven't tried yet.
  6. yes I get the P/INS advisory on deck after alignment. I put it in IFA instead of NAV on deck now and all seems to work.
  7. Question, how do you know if GPS is available? Is that something added?
  8. well got it to work after leaving my MOA. I guess I had to take it out of master arm and deselect AG as well as having IFA selected. Ill have to try it sooner and see if that works or if it takes time to take effect now
  9. I'm still having this same issue. I always start from a moving carrier and have gotten the same HSI messages as seen on here (TODAY), doing the alignment then switching the the NAV mode. I've tried switching to the IFA and no luck, my fall line is still at that odd 30 degree angle. This has been happening to me for the last 2 updates or so.
  10. Is there an update for this for most recent update? I see a lot in the ME that no longer are available
  11. I have been trying to update my database as well and always a nogo. Test button under the editor never seems to work. I followed a vid posted a week ago on how to paste the command into the keyword command window yet MINE looks like the attachment provided. I cannot paste anything or get any other windows to pop up. WTF is wrong with my software?
  12. Hey, since update I'm getting all this craziness in VoiceAttack. How do I get rid of this.
  13. Hey all I just launched for first time since update and seem to be getting a lot of hangups and freezes, the last was in the break and it never unlocked. Other thing did this update mess with the tanker dynamics? For life of me I can no longer get the basket. Probe goes through it and just getting lined up seems off to me now. Normal?
  14. Hey guys, I still cannot get the "Kiss Off", and "Salute" functions. I've gone through updates and database and still nothing. What is a fix for this?
  15. Hey guys, is there a reason the Kiss off, and Salute commands don't work despite being in the manual. I noticed they aren't in the command drop downs as well :(
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