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  1. Check out this plane!!! Amazing. Model anyone? Soviet VVA-14 :thumbup::music_whistling: Was intended to do Vertical Take off and landing! Now that we have AV8-B can we make this puppy dream come true:joystick::pilotfly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKof0kA0jVo This video is a full color of it Looks like a massive robot Awesome! #2
  2. I've long been frustrated with the same. I agree this should be fully implemented by now.:mad:
  3. A video Confirmation of a Laser ilga guiding would be perfect! Keep up the good work man! It would also be nice to find a way to copy the ilga radar guided version and call it ilga (2.0) or whatever is the correct name and then simply make a laser version separate to select so it doesn't mess-up all the iglas for AI and other aircraft and such. If we made it this far I'm sure we can go just a little further;) great job by the way!
  4. Another suggestion I would make is there nothing wrong with selling a 3.0 update for Black Shark on a ED Officially supported kickstarter. Granted the Unofficial WWII kickstart was a blunder, but it was also due to it not being originally Officially supported. Voting is one thing in a forum, but a kickstarter allows people actually put their money in direct support. I see it as a good thing when people directly support a development. ED did a great job taking over the WWII responsibility. I would love to see an officially supported success become possible.
  5. It's always worth a try to correct something. Its sad when people give up trying anything. Wether in RL or in a simulation. There is one thing that drives people. Growth and improvement in a word (innovation) is positive energy. Human nature always resists change especially when it requires hard work and attention to details. Not saying this has to be a priority now, but we can certainly add it to the list to improve this great sim module. Granted there are always compromises that have to be made in a simulator, I would imagine this is possible but I'm no Dev. It's great to hear people are trying and it would be better to see a community support anyone looking for improvements in any area. It encourages newcomers to join in our community and improve the sim for all of us as a whole.. Thanks for the info Fifou265 your work is very much appreciated. Don't give up. Big Fan:thumbup: I also appreciate Badcrc for giving us a reality check. Good discussion.
  6. Hi Ellis love your checklist, had it before but needed to reinstall and reprint this. Can you repost your checklist or add it to user files plz? Thanx:)
  7. I know its simple but the name of the game is VERSATILITY! That binder is thicker than it looks lol:smartass: Tell me what you think. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_YSfbNQvQBUSzFXczI1cFREQVk
  8. Rather than make my own thread... I found this discussing my issue... Flying DCS v1.5.5 Cant get weapon hints to appear for DCS:Huey LCntrl + LShift + H does nothing. I have 2 screens but DCS is set to display on only 1... I noticed it says its a cheat. Checking mission options in my own made mission and unlimited weapons doesn't let it appear... any hints to make this window appear? What setting am I missing?
  9. If your anything like me you get excited about what micro controllers can do! I have bought a few recently the pi3 but I also have a teensy I wanted to make a P-51 trim box with utilizing the analog inputs, sadly not enough time to complete the project yet but its on my todo list. I would love to be able to have projects that use Micro Controllers more organized on the DCS forums to help inspire more DCS controller projects and further develop the sim>>> Examples Aurdio, Raspberry Pi, Teensy to name a few... Really curious what people are doing these days with DCS and microcontrollers if you have links to your projects that use micro controllers post them here:) Any help from modders & forum moderators appreciated thanks.
  10. I'm totally with you Holbeach it would be nice to have a better fanfare page at the end of missions! The debrief page is nice an all but what about a flashy metal and a sword being sheethed sound! I have some very fond memories of playing Longbow 2 and couldn't wait to reach home base so I could earn that metal page with the cool music! I think I pissed my mom off a lot in those days so many times cause I said I was in a mission and couldn't pause till I finished hehe... It definitely lack thats feel in DCS, I've heard it from others as well. Would that be difficult to implement? I mean there's no fancy physics just a cool new page after debrief a medal after a few points... It's been mentioned before Search the forum for DCS points or whatever you'll find it.
  11. Let me start by saying Ed has done an excellent job in this sim overall and that I would gladly and definitely buy an accurate damage model module/faction upgrade... It simply blows me away how primitive the damage model is in DCS. I guess for the most part I overlooked it because it requires so much knowledge to focused on flying the aircraft but the fact that this is a digital "Combat" simulator which we hope is designed with "Combat"in mind an not taking a back seat to it. I thought it was as pretty much a given that damage was modeled on other targets an npc's were given similar love as the modules but after reading this post it makes a real wonder how much i overlooked it. I must say ED and all third parties have done a great job on each of the aircraft were having well modeled damage models, but the units we blow up would surely need it as well. i just figured they would try to have a similar standard for other vehicles and npc units eventually which leads me to wonder why hasn't a third party considered making a module out of a whole faction with upgraded damage models in the sim! that would be fantastic module! what do you guys think? It would be nice to see a vote an have a current up to date wish list that changes according to votes about current issues like this an others does one exist? I know there is a wishlist but one that has current votes on each one would be cooler and possible time/cost predictions added would be really cool to see what others think. Considering how much effort was put into missiles in DCS in the past that I have read about I would gladly pay to develop this part of the sim and make it more rewarding and fun for all aircraft planes and Helios alike, I believe others would too!
  12. Been waiting to get this opening up DCS to a bigger picture;) jumped on this one:)
  13. I would love to see this feature added. Navigation is always difficult. Good navigation instrumentation is essential please add this ED +1
  14. I found this interesting article on this guy Dale Snodgrass who is the most experienced F-14 Tomcat pilot and thought it would be great to have his input for our F-14 sim for DCS Dale "Snort" Snodgrass With over 5,000 flight hours in the F-14 Tomcat (and more than 1,200 carrier landings in it), our friend Dale "Snort" Snodgrass is the most experienced Tomcat pilot in the world. He also spent many years working on board aircraft carriers qualifying new pilots as a Senior Wing Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Anyway I wouldnt know how to contact him but Im sure you can find him by searching.:pilotfly:
  15. First off let me state I know nothing about refraction or 3d modeling or game engines, but is calculating the refractrion of the glass really nessasary to achieve the view of the gunsite you guys want to achieve? I do not know but I imagine that adding another view port camera as seen with the A10 infared cameras drops frame rates dramatically by adding calculations that will result in another heavy hit on our in FPS within the simulator as a whole? I mean taking more processing power away from the whole software that becomes only bottlenecked by firing multiple rockets on most processors, doesnt seem like a good trade, at least not now until we see what DCS v2.0 is like with multiple graphics cards and a top of the line processor. Its just an opinion but If it were me I would choose more accurate projectiles over a better view port, but I can see why its such a big deal. Hydrolics modeling, flight modeling, terrain weather and airflow models and not to mention AI the already cpu intensive and the sim shows us better frame rates with a faster processor but maybe this would be wiser to wait till DCS 2.0 comes out an then reassess this? I dont know about making game engines, but I think this is a case where I would like to mention there is always a balance of factors required in making a simulation realistic and yet playable at acceptable frame rates, which I am sure you already knew and considered. Taking this into account here is my real question? Is it possible to achieve a simulated effect of refraction of the glass view by changing the thinkness of the 3d cockpit model to create a thinner edge without adding more a complex realtime calcuated viewport to the engine? Then again I dont know how intensive the calculation is so maybe someone can tell us.
  16. Could someone please post a screenshot of what the current models we have look like?... I'm so far away from my computer that runs DCS. I really miss it! If someone would kindly post a screenshot of what a few of the current models look like it would be really nice to see a comparison.
  17. Toad You are the Man! Fundamental / Multi-platform / Genius~ Now who will take this further! I have since created an entire binder to use for DCS & FC3 which has worked out great but it isn't a touch screen so I have to flip the pages oldskool:P I would love to implement the idea with a touch interface. This is Fantastic and amazing Toad +Rep Inboud! I would love to advance it a little for one module an maybe even make a video tutorial on how to edit it for the illiterate or just plane lazy!
  18. Shouldn't Force Feedback Controls handle all the dynamics of this and different aircraft Helo/Plane. I'm not sure what others think of the G940 setup and or how it works for helos. Would be nice to hear others opinions on this. Does a force feedback work correctly in game... does the G940 give the sensitivity required your describing? Will there ever be a better solution?
  19. thx to PeterP It is just a text line edit so best to do it manually and check notepad++ http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/374967/
  20. Thank You Charlie Very helpful indeed. I asked a question in my post I did look into the manual but I didn't know if that frequency range is correct for the correct radio to listen to radio stations. I believe its the FuG16 The set operates in the frequency range between 38.4 and 42.4 MHz is this correct?
  21. I would love to see this a reality!
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