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  1. Thanks, draconis. Yeah, I tweaked the F-15E's to try to get them to hit their targets, but no go, so I just edited the Lua to mark it completed and moved on.
  2. Even pushing early, I fail this repeatedly. Kill all A2A threats, no planes shoot down F-15E's. One strike eagle flies into the ground, the other two drop bombs WAY off target, mission fails. Impossible for the player to make this work because it's your friendly AI that cause the failure. Is there a way to fix this mission?
  3. And... it's in single player too. Here's a 30nm shot, immediately turn cold and break lock. Watch from POV of missile as it 100% tracks the continuously maneuvering target and then goes pitbull at about 8NM. 30nmAim54SelfGuiding.zip
  4. FALCON is 100% correct on this. And that these missiles are allowed in SATAL competition is not a very good thing...
  5. I was flying it, full load of ordinance, 4XAim54, 2X tanks and I'm not even in full military power and it accelerates to over M1.0 - supercruise! That's nonsense. I chased an AI F-14 with a full load of external stores in a clean Eagle, he just accelerated away... ridiculous. I shot an AI F-14 with 2X 120b, and an aim9M, and over 100 hits of 20mm (according to TacView) and he was still flying and turned and almost hit me with an aim 9! Aim 54 is active off the rail requiring no support, and reacquires after losing track when it appears to be way outside of the seeker view, or even through
  6. This thread is pretty old... from before I started playing DCS. @dundun92... you still interested in discussions on this topic?
  7. Well said, Victory! And I can 100% vouch that F-15 guys were up in front of the Ops Officer for even the slightest over-G, and as he alludes, 9 G's was only allowed symmetrical significantly less rolling, and rarely did we pull over 8-8.5 and only briefly because we couldn't afford to go over and it was all by feel since there is no governor like a 16 or an 18. Not to mention you're looking over your shoulder, not at the instruments, because losing sight was worse than being off by a G. Engines were detuned for peace time, and still were more powerful that in DCS, this is a game, not a true
  8. And... if you're too fast, the F-14 won't even let you put out the speed brake, right?
  9. Hey, Hummingbird, I think that is a very cool offer, and in a like spirit I’d love to do some friendly 1V1 I have both the F-15 and the F-14. I like the very impressive F-14 module, but I love the F-15 airplane :)
  10. This long time bug really bums me out. You can record your track, replay it in VR and have smooth head movements and narrate the mission, but unfortunately, the mission slowly gets out of sync until it's unrecognizable...
  11. Was this fixed already? I set up the same scenario (on a different computer) and the Hornet behaved correctly this time.
  12. I'm wondering if there have been changes to this recently. I have some missions I built where I like to fly BVR against the F-18 to practice and learn the envelopes. Recently, the AI has stated behaving strangely. Right now, with the current release of the Open Beta, the F-18 will launch Aim 9x at 30+ miles, way beyond their range, and will choose Aim 9x over Aim 120C 100% of the time even when the AMRAAM is a better choice. Anyone have any ideas on the cause of this, or if it's a known bug?
  13. I can confirm I have the same thing, both in VR and rendering to monitor.
  14. Tried it again tonight. Perfect kills, targets hit, all four of my flight survive, all 3 B-1's survive. But, they just vanish on their way home and I can't progress...
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