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  1. A small mod to swap out the CAP-9M training missile used by default with the CATM-120C training missile. Optional textures included for all the AIM-120 series missiles. This modifies the aim9_family.lua and therefore will most likely fail an integrity check. The modified line is tagged with --NIGHTSTORM for ease of integration with other mods. It needs to be installed in your main folder. The MFD will still display information consistent with the old training missile. For example, the Viper's SMS page shows TA9LM on the pylon where it's equipped. I was unable to determine how t
  2. I'm *really* looking forward to the new version!
  3. If the WIP strobe lights are too bright for you, download this version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxf5ubwsv9oznkj/CFT_Mod_1.5.1.zip?dl=0 The only change is the lights are restored to default with the modified code commented out.
  4. Update to v1.4 now with the ability to have working 370gal wing tanks along with the CFT's. *NEW FUEL TANK 370gal + CFT 225gal* This combines the normal 370gal wing tank with the fuel of a CFT for each side. So technically each tank holds 595gal of fuel. This allows for the correct weight, drag and fuel amount of having both CFT's and 370gal tanks on the jet. Due to limited access to the game mechanics this tank litterally contains 595gal of fuel each as far as the sim is concerned. So if you jettison the wing tanks with fuel still in them, you are also losing the fuel th
  5. Ability to add/remove crew ladder and/or protective covers independently of CFT tanks/tail. *GROUND ASSETS* Use the GND station to equip the crew ladder, the protective covers or both. They can be equipped to this station with no affect on the AUX station. Use the rearming window to remove or add these items before or after flight.
  6. Thanks for that. Hadn't noticed as I'd not tried to AAR in it.
  7. It needs to be installed to your saved games not the main folder. And no word yet on the new version.
  8. Yes, I believe the next release is expected to have the tanks separate from the tails. There is a "beta" version that does just that. I don't have any information though on the ETA of the next release.
  9. Hi, glad you're enjoying it. A new version is in the works by GrinneliDesigns that is much improved over this version and will have many features and a much better flight model. The model and work was done by GrinneliDesigns and I don't have any additional access to the material. All I did to make this work in the current version of DCS is edit the lua file to remove the call to the F15C.dll which also removed the flight model and some functionality as indicated in the first post. I'm not the creator of this work.
  10. For what it's worth, I just discovered that in the F16C at least, the issue seems to be related to the console flood lights. Specifically the CONSOLES not the Instrument Panel one. I don't know why. I had constant flickering black squares and I noticed that if I turned off the power, they stopped. Well....yea because the flood lights lose power too. So....that would suggest its related to a corrupted shader? I've cleared the cache several times. I was able to start and stop the flickering by turning the console flood light knob. I'll test more but I thought I'd sh
  11. Would love to see a fix for this. It's completely immersion breaking and depending on how severe renders the sim unplayable. With MSAA off, the problem doesn't occur but then the environment looks awful.
  12. File is live on user files. Link added.
  13. Now available on DCS user files. Links added to first post. Enjoy.
  14. Last I knew that feature still wasn't working in the VIper. The only way to do a custom cockpit is to unzip the cockpit textures, replace what you've change and zip it back up again and replace the original. Using a mod editor or backing it up of course. Not elegant at all.
  15. Base textures by Haris Malik/Genysis Re-textured USAF low-vis Air to Air Weapons by lee1hy https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313768/ CFT mod texture template by Thomas Vercauteren CFT mod by Scoobyon/Virtual Zeus Team CFT References and assistance Keraunos Adjustments, texture edites and assorted other stuff by Nightstorm. After consulting with the author I've been working on updating PAF liveries for the CFT mod. Here they are. They'll be uploaded to user mods tonight. The BORT numbers will not work due to the block 52 tail and to avoid texture wa
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